sexy couples games for the cold season

As the weather turns colder and the days grow shorter, most people find themselves avoiding the extra nip in the air by spending more time together indoors. Initially this may seem like a good idea for live-in couples, but what about when cabin fever sets in and even your favorite activities seem tired and unappealing?

Don’t succumb to the listlessness. Despite being cooped up indoors, there are plenty of sexy at-home games/ tricks to keep your minds and bodies occupied. Check out a few of my favorites below!


1) Take a Bubble Bath… Together

Gather some of your most intoxicating aphrodisiacs – scented soaps, rose petals, bath crystals, and soothing oils – and fill your bathtub up with hot, bubbling water. Light a few candles around the bathroom’s perimeter and make a playlist of your favorite sexy songs. When it’s all ready, invite your lover in to join you. Water and erotic smells make for amazing chemistry! 

2) Truth or Dare – The Adult Version

As a teenager, the game of “Truth or Dare” was probably something you played at parties or at get-togethers with friends, but as an adult you can take it to the next level. Add a bit of spice to an indoor night by reviving the classic game with a racy, sexual twist. Let your significant other challenge you to a simple dare, such as donning sensual lingerie or silk boxer briefs, or to go a step further by requesting a sexual act – i.e. “I dare you to perform ‘fill in the blank.’” Your “truth” questions could be things that have been burning in your mind or simple yet provocative teasing ploys. Either way, you and your partner will be sure to get a lot of laughs – and other things – before the night is over.

3) Edible Body Painting

Spread sheets on the floor that you don’t mind getting “messy” and prepare to unleash your artistic, erotic side. Karma Sutra produces a line of delectable chocolate body paints, including “Dark Chocolate Raspberry” and “Rich Caramel,” which you can use to draw designs on your partner’s body (and then lick or kiss off) – or you can simply use sweet syrups such chocolate or strawberry sauce. As an additional option, you can also purchase body paint from craft stores, such as Michael’s, but you won’t be able to enjoy (and taste) the fruits of your labor afterwards.

4) Cooking Together – Naked

There’s something very erotic about doing domestic activities while in the nude, and cooking is no exception. To make the most of this activity, plan a meal you and your honey can prepare together and then launch into it, wearing only an apron. By the time the meal is finished and you two have dined together, you’ll both be ready for dessert!

5) Bed Island

Gather your favorite supplies (sex toys, lube, blind folds, edible underwear, and anything else that turns you on), and then set sail for your bed. Once you get there, you and your honey are “trapped” on the bed island. You both get bathroom passes, but that’s it. Now, have fun, you flirty castaways, you!

6) Strip Board Game

Create a fun, adults-only version of a classic board game. If it’s Monopoly, instead of “paying” with colorful play money when you land on a “hotel,” how about losing an item of clothing? You can do this with virtually any board game, and the best part is getting to make up your own rules. Of course, the winner of should receive an extra special, simmering prize.

Be open to exploring new and exciting ways of occupying together-time and don’t let the cold weather stop you from having fun! You know what they say, the couple who plays together, stays together.