long distance relationships: skype sex 101


Long distance relationships are tough. Obviously, trust is mandatory, but other variables such as honesty, communication, compromise, and creativity often come into play – adding spark and spice to relationships lacking in frequent physical accessibility.

However, what exactly is the solution to a lack of physical activity? After all, sexual stimulation is just as important as a mental connection, right? Enter, Skype – the visual technology helping long-distance couples keep their relationships hot and steamy! Curious yet? Check out a few essential rules for Skype sex.

1) Play up the visual: Unlike in person, couples can’t taste, smell, or touch each other over Skype. To make up for it, put your visual imaginations into overdrive! Ladies, put on some sexy lingerie. Men, take off your shirt. Turn your partner on – visually!

2) Stay in the frame/establish good lighting: Breaks are sometimes necessary, but if you’re going to Skype a person, at least make it easy for them to see you! Select a spot that clearly illuminates your body and your face, and pay attention to the camera – stay in the frame!

3) Incorporate toys: Here comes the visual aspect again. It doesn’t get any hotter than watching someone play with their toys. Be a tease; let your partner see how/what kind of toys turn you on.

4) Clean your room: A dirty bed is such a turn off. No one likes a slob; make your space appealing before you turn the camera on.

5) Make eye contact: While Skyping with your partner try looking directly into the camera. Making eye contact during an erotic experience is a huge turn on!

Skyping with your sweetie can be a sure-fire way to turn up the heat in your long-distance relationship, and if you follow these tips, you’ll both racing home to catch your next video date. Have fun and enjoy the video sexing.