naughty, but oh, so nice holiday gift list


With the holiday season upon us, gift-buying procrastinators are either racking their brains for last minute presents or scrounging the stores for the best deals. Shopping for friends and family members is hard enough, but what about that “special someone” – your womanly significant other? Should you get her something sweet and sentimental, or something sexy and sassy you both can enjoy?

If you’re leaning towards the latter, then allow me to steer you in the right direction with my top five “naughty” holiday gift picks for those nice enough in the bedroom to deserve them. After all, the key to a long and successful relationship is communication and mutual respect, along with fiery hot sexual chemistry. Check out my list below!

1) We Vibe 4 Plus:

We Vibe 4 Plus is a compact, body-hugging vibrator that can be used by couples to connect them in new, exciting ways. Curved to fit a woman’s body and fit snugly in place, the We Vibe 4 Plus is equipped with an app adding smartphone control and a wireless remote offering intensity and mode configuration. It can be used together during sex – providing extra stimulation to her clitoris and G-spot – or continents apart when operated by the WiFi/ cellular data connected control. In this way, one can play and please their lover from anywhere in the world!

2) Revel Body SOL:

Revel Body SOL is a powerful clitoral vibrator featuring TrueSonic technology and is the only vibrator available operating at the frequency of Om – the energy that connects and joins all things together. Perfect for body massage and clitoral stimulation, one can roll it on the body or use the vibrating tip, which varies from thumpy and powerful to fast and “buzzy.” It also comes with three redesigned and improved tips for customized performance and a new QuietCore piston for quieter operation. To top it all off, the Revel Body SOL is completely waterproof and designed for underwater suction and vibration when using the device’s backside.

3) Wicked Sensual Care’s Collections of Lubes

From the “Aqua” water-based and paraben-free lubricants – containing flavors such as Candy Apple, Salted Caramel, and Pomegranate – to the “Ultra” line of fragrance-free, “heat,” or “chill” silicone lubes, Wicked Sensual Care Collection adds easy, silky spice to the bedroom. Wicked Care “Sensations” lubes are designed to enhance the entire experience, and “Specialty” products such as “Jelle” address specific needs required of fun anal play, or anywhere you need your lube to have serious staying power. Take your pick and discover which lubes work best for you!

4) NS Novelty’s “Sinful” Line of Bondage Products

If you’re into kinks, NS Novelty offers a line of “Sinful” sexy restraints, cuffs and collars that can be used with your partner. Designed in faux leather and other materials, these accessories offer both comfort and bounding restraint with an economically friendly price point.

5) Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Simulator

As the closest comparable thing to what real-life cunnilingus feels like, the Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Simulator is my final stocking topper. Featuring a spinning wheel with 10 “lapping” silicone tongues, three varying speeds, and a flicker function that delivers incredible orgasms, the Sqweel 2 is the perfect gift for your oral loving honey.

Hope these help – they all have my stamp of sexual approval!