what is sexy?


From Merriam-Webster:

Definition of SEXY

sexually suggestive or stimulating : eroticgenerally attractive or interesting : appealing

Examples of SEXY

She wore a sexy skirt.Her legs are long and sexy.

First Known Use of SEXY


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Synonyms: bodaciousdesirabledishyhotluscioustoothsome

But what IS sexy?

I posed that question on my radio show, just meaning for it to be a quick segment, but instead it turned into a whole show. I heard such a broad range of opinions, so I know I’m onto something when I say that sexy is completely subjective.

To me, sexy is that twinkle of self-confidence in someone’s eye. It’s a quiet, involuntary gasp of breath in my ear as my lover is about to orgasm. It can be a man in a three piece suit…or a woman in expensive heels and nothing else. It can even be the sound of those heels as they punctuate their approach…or their departure. These sights and sounds literally give me chills, they have a place in the masturbatory vault in my mind, always at the ready.

As much as that represents the more erotic side of sexy to me, there is also the lighter side of sexy- for me it’s the smell of clean laundry (really!), someone who can tell a good joke, and someone who can laugh heartily at one too, head thrown back, mouth wide open, a genuine laugh. Sometimes the best kind of sexy is the “accidental” kind.

What is sexy to you?