jessica drake wants us all to have happier, healthier sex lives


Hi everyone,

Happy leap day! I was featured in an article on Uproxx about helping people have a happier, healthier sex life. It originally posted on February 27th, 2016:

At her sex ed workshops, Jessica Drake passes around a box with the words “live,
laugh, love” printed on it. Inside are index cards of sex questions that people
have written to Jessica under the cover of anonymity. During the workshop, she reads
them out loud, and then answers them with compassion and useful tips from her
experience directing and starring in adult films.

Drake’s workshops are mainly geared towards heterosexual couples, and touch on similar
topics as Jessica Drake’s Guide To Wicked Sex, her line of instructional
DVDs. So the questions tended to reflect the sorts of things that that straight
couples might be interested in, but have no idea how to approach. Case in point: the
majority of the questions when I attended were about how to have anal sex.
Drake addressed the discomfort that men and women might have about the topic with

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