spice up your marriage on $0 budget


They say spontaneity is the “spice” of life, so how about adding a bit of unexpectedness to keep your marriage fresh, new, and invigorating?

Over time, it’s very common for marital sex becomes routine and predictable, but it doesn’t have to be. Seducing your husband can be as easy as incorporating normal home activities with fun and interesting twists.

To start, try a few of the following activities with your hubby. I hope they’ll leave lots of fond memories all over the house.

Fun Tips:

• Rub his cock with your feet while you’re dining at home – even if you’re wearing sweats or pajamas – any time of day, breakfast, lunch or dinner.

• If you’re getting ready to go out, start getting ready 15 minutes earlier than normal and invite your husband to shower with you.

• Make it a point to walk around the house in a see through tank top and panties.

• When you’re watering the lawn or patio plants, accidentally get your t-shirt wet.

• Go braless.

• Drop something and bend over in front of him.

• Invite him to help you cook and wear nothing but an apron.

• During sports, ask him if he’d like to have sex with you during the commercials and every time the game comes back on, make him stop and wait for the next commercial.

• When he’s showering, get naked and sneak in behind him.

• The next time he’s cleaning the kitchen, put on some knee pads and reward him

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*This article originally appeared on Fleshbot.com as part of a weeklong guest editor gig I had