an adult film star’s guide to the female orgasm: expert tips from jessica drake


I wrote the following article for It originally posted on January 2nd, 2016:

Orgasms are FANTASTIC.

They feel amazing. They’re a great release for built-up stress and tension, and they can work better than a sleeping pill for some. They’re able to lift your mood and help you bond with your lover. But, for the fairer sex, the female orgasm can also be really elusive.

Women often tell me, in whispers, that they can’t orgasm with a partner. They wonder what they’re doing wrong, and they usually end up faking it, either to get it “over with” or because they don’t want to cause hurt feelings. Most are assuming that vaginal orgasms during penetration are the “norm” (I hate that word!), and that they’re the anomaly. I spend lots of time assuring them that they’re mistaken: While *some* women are able to have vaginal orgasms, G-spot orgasms, anal orgasms, nipple or other erogenous-zone orgasms, the reality is that over 80% of women orgasm via clitoral stimulation.

Let. That. Sink. In.

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