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What Porn Doesn’t Teach You About Anal Sex

The following is an article I wrote for on “What Porn Doesn’t Teach You About Anal Sex”: "Lately, during the Q&A portion of my “Guide to Wicked Sex” workshops, many of the questions I’ve been getting are about anal. And it’s no wonder, when you consider the amount of couples I speak to who are worried there’s something wrong with them (their words!) because they couldn’t figure out how to have anal sex the way they saw me having it in movies. That was a big “a ha” moment, as … [Read More...]

Join jessica drake for Sex Education & Sex Positivity on #SexTalkTuesday

As many of you are aware, May is Masturbation Month, as in yes you May, whenever you want! Thankfully the fine folks of the live Twitter chat community #SexTalkTuesday are ready to celebrate solo, or as a group, and they have extended an invite for me to come and host the May 24th 1016 edition of the chat as an educator and sex positivity practitioner. “As the star of so many memorable adult films, and a sex positive role model to women who span multiple generations, we knew that Mrs. drake … [Read More...]

People Are Finally Talking About Consent in an Open, Sexy Way and That’s A Win for Everyone

The following article by Mark Shrayber was published yesterday on and contains an interview with me. It’s titled “People Are Finally Talking About Consent in an Open, Sexy Way and That’s A Win for Everyone”: "Consent is critical to any sexual relationship, whether it be a long-term marriage or a Thursday night session of 'Netflix & Chill.' The problem, however, is that until now, consent has been made to seem like a dry and boring topic — something necessary, but also a possible … [Read More...]


 I began my journey into sex ed almost five years ago, and one woman is responsible for the initial change in my career trajectory.She isn't famous, wasn't a mentor, I had never aspired to be her, and even now, I'm hard pressed to remember her name.Yet there she was. Standing nervously to the side of a fairly long line of men in an adult store clamoring to get my autograph, buy DVDs, and take a picture with me, she patiently waited. By the time the crowd had dissipated, she had worked up … [Read More...]

jessica drake Nominated For Mainstream Adult Media Favorite by XRCO

Wicked Pictures Contract Star Recognized by Adult Critics for Her Work as a Sex Educator & Expert Advice in Hundreds of Media Articles! LOS ANGELES (April 13, 2016) – Sex educator and Wicked Pictures contract performer jessica drake is nominated for Mainstream Star of the Year at the 2016 XRCO Awards. The award-winning performer uses her popularity to help educate others on issues related to sexuality, which she has done tirelessly through her instructional series, “Guide to Wicked Sex,” as … [Read More...]