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Summertime Sex: From Here to Eternity – Guest Column

Guest column by Daniel Metcalf According to ongoing research posted at GoodInBed.Com, one out of every two people responding to the site's surveys conceded to being bored sexually in bed. So, when asked to write a guest column about "Summertime Sex," I thought I'd introduce some fantasy and role-playing ideas as we look at ways to reinvigorate your lovemaking during the warming months. After all, could there be a better time to "up the creative ante" in your love affair? Summer is the perfect … [Read More...]

Mutual Masturbation: How to Still Have Sex When You’re Exhausted!

We’ve all been there. Long days at work, meetings that never seem to end, grocery lists that need taking care of – and of course, your beautiful, supportive and wonderful partner also wants to be tended to, and by the way, so do you! So what happens when you’re both absolutely exhausted, but still have a fire lit inside of you? A great way to connect with your partner and yourself is mutual masturbation. Guys LOVE seeing a girl give herself pleasure, and what better (and more effective) way … [Read More...]

Ask jessica – Readers Request jessica’s Advice

I feel like my boyfriend and I always have the “same sex”. I don’t want to get bored with him. What can I do to change up our sex life? --Amanda; Boston, MA   Hi Amanda, it’s great you want to amp up your sex life! There are plenty of ways, big and small, to change things up. One way to heat up the bedroom is to extend the foreplay well beyond the four walls. Text naughty love notes during the day while you both are at work, or consider slipping a pair of your panties into a pocket … [Read More...]

How to Introduce the Bedroom Into Your Everyday

Sometimes, it seems like the stresses of the day (work, family, and general stuff) gets a woman, her partner, or both of them so wrapped up they might forget their relationship may be suffering. It’s crucial to remember your relationship is just as important as anything else going on in your life – after all, he is your best friend, lover, and confidant! Nurturing the primary relationship in your life is a great way to relieve stress, for both of you.   One of the best ways to remind … [Read More...]

CNN’s Most Popular Photo Blog!

And our most popular photo blog from 2013: A day with porn star @thejessicadrake, by @almostrad: #CNNTop10— CNN Photos (@CNNPhotos) January 1, 2014 … [Read More...]