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Read a professor of medicine’s outraged tweets from her son’s abstinence-only sex ed class

Originally posted on VOX Alice Dreger, a professor of medical humanities and bioethics at Northwestern University, has written about the importance of honesty in sex education. So when she learned that her son's heath class was abstinence-only, she went to see what they were being taught. Her son let her join him in class, where she sat at the back of the room and live-tweeted the … [Read More...]

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Pupils with learning difficulties are being denied their right to sex education

Originally posted on The Guardian It’s quiet in Paul Bray’s classroom; only the occasional exclamation from a student punctuates the aura of studiousness. At one table, a teaching assistant cradles the hand of a boy in an adapted chair comfortingly, while another offers gentle encouragement to other pupils. (Special needs pupils at Doubletrees school in Cornwall take part in a sex education class. Photograph: Ben Mostyn for the Guardian Special needs pupils at Doubletrees school in … [Read More...]


Tinder’s safe-sex campaign accused of slut-shaming

Originally posted on Aljazeera America. "You're probably not her only match. Use a condom." That's the message from dating app Tinder's newly released safe-sex campaign – and it's being received with mixed reviews, with some calling the ad slut-shaming. The ad, developed by Israeli advertising firm Great Interactive and made in partnership with the AIDS Task Force, created fake accounts of female Tinder users, portraying them with several different male partners. While the aim of … [Read More...]


One woman’s campaign for safe sex in Navajo Nation

Originally posted on Aljazeera America. Written by by Tristan Ahtone. HIPROCK, New Mexico — She walked past the rows of folding chairs and into the street with the rest of the parade. Motorcyclists rolled slowly down the street on their machines, tossing handfuls of candy to packs of children. The sound of a high school marching band rat-tat-tat-tatted down the street as the horn section struggled to stay in tune. Then a moment of relative quiet descended on the Northern Navajo Nation Fair … [Read More...]


Sex in Britain 2015: The women who have become so dissatisfied in the bedroom that they have NO interest in sex

Written By Professor David Spiegelhalter. Originally premiered on 50% of women and 40% of men had at least one sex problem in past year Problems include lacking interest in sex, pain and experiencing no arousal Other problems are difficulty in climaxing and trouble keeping an erection But the proportion of men who had a lack of interest, enjoyment and arousal is only half that of women Cambridge Professor David Spiegelhalter has carried out the most in-depth study … [Read More...]