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Sex with Robots?

With a growing presence in pop culture, the question on whether humans should have sex with robots has risen yet again. Experts at the Web Summit technology conference in Dublin recently warned about the dangers of humans getting intimate with robots. A researcher who launched a "campaign against sex robots" commented that "we are losing our sense of humanity." To read more about humanity’s possible sexual future with robots, visit … [Read More...]

Margaret Cho Talks About Sex Work

When you think of grandma and grampa, you probably don't think about them getting it on- but they are. Ever-changing technology affects our sexual health, even as we age. EVERYONE needs Sex Ed. Last month, comedian Margaret Cho released a tweet that raised eyes eyebrows across the Twittersphere. “Sex work is simply work. For me it was honest work. I was a sex worker when I was young. It was hard but well paid. There’s no shame in it.” Cho first worked as a phone sex operator, then as a … [Read More...]

California Sex Education Approach

While California just passed a bill mandating Sex Ed in schools, the rest of the U.S. needs help too. The CDC has done more research on teens and sex, with some good news but more bad news. For the most part, school sex education laws vary significantly across the United States. In light the recent uproar at the Clark County School District, where parents got upset over closed door meetings on sex-ed held by school officials, a new report has been released by the Guttmacher Institute … [Read More...]


Funny Or Die Videos Highlight Glaring Need For Sex Education

When speaking at universities recently, I found that some of the most popular topics were consent, understanding different gender identities, HIV/AIDS, and STI prevention. Most of us weren't fortunate to have thorough Sex Education growing up, but at least for California, that is starting to change! According to, Jessica Biel, Joy Bryant and comedian Whitney Cummings have just partnered with nonprofit healthcare organization, WomanCare Global, to create a women’s educational … [Read More...]