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Interviewed About “Steps To Having OMG Oral Sex” on Your Tango!

Have you ever wanted to give your partner the oral sex experience of their life? Or perhaps even subtly suggest ways for your significant other to step up their cunninlus or felatio skills? Whether you’re doing it as an act of foreplay or as a precursor to the main bedroom antics, besides anticipation, there are 10 simple steps that you can follow to up your oral sex game. I recently did an interview with Aly Walansky of Your Tango on “10 Steps To Having OMG Oral Sex.” Click on the link … [Read More...]


Long Distance Relationships: Skype Sex 101

Long distance relationships are tough. Obviously, trust is mandatory, but other variables such as honesty, communication, compromise, and creativity often come into play – adding spark and spice to relationships lacking in frequent physical accessibility. However, what exactly is the solution to a lack of physical activity? After all, sexual stimulation is just as important as a mental connection, right? Enter, Skype – the visual technology helping long-distance couples keep their … [Read More...]

Hosting “50 Shades of Drake” at Sunset Novelties in Savannah, Georgia!

I am excited to announce that this Saturday, February 7th, I will be hosting "50 Shades of Drake," a seminar and Q&A session at the grand opening of Sunset Novelties in Savannah, Georgia! From 4-8pm EST, I'll be giving a seminar on various topics, answering all of your most burning questions, and holding a special contest where five finalists will get to read me a page from the book "50 Shades of Grey." Afterwards, I will pick a winner to receive tickets to Rockville, and a gift card to … [Read More...]

NGO trains teachers on comprehensive sexuality

Originally posted on *Ghana Web The Savanna Signatures, a Tamale-based non-governmental organisation, has trained teachers from 10 schools in the Northern Region in comprehensive sexuality. The aim of the training is to equip teachers to enable them to help educate teenagers at the junior high schools (JHS) to avoid immoral acts that would lead to teenage pregnancies. The training is under the NGO’s teacher facilitation training programme dubbed ‘My World and My Life’ (MWML), which is … [Read More...]


Billboard Company Disgusted By Ex-Gay Ad, Promises To Take It Down

Originally posted on * Written by Zack Ford This month, a new billboard in the Dallas area is promoting “Reparative Therapy: Real Therapy… Really Works.” The link on the ad directs toward the therapy practice of David Pickup, a practitioner and proponent of ex-gay therapy who has very publicly fought — unsuccessfully — to defend the harmful, ineffective treatment from being banned for minors. Pickup confirmed to reporter John Wright that the Texas billboard was his. Wright … [Read More...]