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GQ’s Covers GTWS: “Five Things You Learn on the Set of a Feminist, Instructional Porno”

GQ writer Phoenix Tso joined us on the set of "Guide to Wicked Sex: Foreplay" and wrote about her experience in a great article. Read GQ's "Five Things You Learn on the Set of a Feminist, Instructional Porno" article to find out more about their visit! xo, jessica drake … [Read More...]


Girls’ Night Out at Cornell Winery!

Come join me on Thursday, June 25 at 7 pm for a "Girls' Night Out" event at Cornell Winery in Agoura, California. Although I do many seminars and enjoy speaking at Universities, this is going to be a really unique event. Instead of a workshop, this is going to be more of a participation driven round table discussion of all things sex! No topic is off limits, and all questions will be answered. Having a girl's night out at a winery will lend a different atmosphere to learning and sharing … [Read More...]


‘Historic’ Ruling States That Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Isn’t Sex Ed

Originally posted on Written By Tara Culp-Ressler In a decision that’s being hailed as “historic,” a judge in California has ruled that health classes focusing exclusively on telling students to remain abstinent until marriage fall short of the state’s comprehensive sex ed requirements. In his opinion, Fresno County Superior Court Judge Donald Black concludes that, given the high rates of sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancy in the U.S., medically … [Read More...]


Queer South Africans Living at the Intersections of Race, Class, and Gender

Originally published on The Daily Beast founder Jabu Pereira explains why legal rights are not the end, but the beginning, of equality. Quorum is a live journalism forum focused on LGBT experiences around the world. Its mission is to lift up the voices of non-Western LGBT activists defining the struggle for justice. Visit for more stories of persecution, triumph, adversity, and strength. When apartheid fell, Jabu Pereira watched as South Africa … [Read More...]


Can A Person With Dementia Consent To Sex?

Originally published on NPR Written by Ina Jaffe Sexual relationships in long-term care facilities are not uncommon. But the long-term care industry is still grappling with the issue. There's no greater evidence of that than a criminal case in Iowa. On Wednesday, a jury in Iowa found a 78-year-old man not guilty of raping his wife, who had Alzheimer's disease. Henry Rayhons' wife lived in a nursing home. The staff there told Rayhons that because of her dementia, his wife was no longer … [Read More...]