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The Pill Remains Most Common Method of Birth Control

Originally posted on *U.S. News & World Health Written by Tara Haelle The pill remains one of the most popular methods of birth control for women, along with female sterilization and condoms, a new report shows. Among the two-thirds of women aged 15 to 44 who used birth control between 2011 and 2013, approximately 16 percent used the pill. Female sterilization, where women have their fallopian tubes closed or blocked, was used by 15.5 percent of women, while 9.4 percent used … [Read More...]


How to Discover the Dirty Things Your Girl Wants To Do In Bed

Originally posted on *Ask Men People in relationships often don’t ask each other to do certain things simply because they are too shy to bring it up. This goes for both guys and girls: We fear that our partners might think we are a bit too weird. Your girlfriend could be into some pretty wild stuff, but she might be worried that you’ll think she’s perverted or that it is out of her nature. And you most likely have the desire to try something new, but you might fear she'll think you're a … [Read More...]


Naughty, but Oh, so Nice Holiday Gift List

With the holiday season upon us, gift-buying procrastinators are either racking their brains for last minute presents or scrounging the stores for the best deals. Shopping for friends and family members is hard enough, but what about that “special someone” – your womanly significant other? Should you get her something sweet and sentimental, or something sexy and sassy you both can enjoy? If you’re leaning towards the latter, then allow me to steer you in the right direction with my top … [Read More...]


How To Have Sex Outdoors In The Middle Of Winter

Originally posted on *Ask Men Written by Lindsay Tigar When you fantasize about getting it on with your girl outside, you imagine sexy beaches or long road trips that lead to hot and steamy action. You’re probably not thinking about having hot sex in the dead of the winter, when blue balls isn’t just an analogy, but a reality. But before you settle for boring only-in-the-bedroom sexcapes until spring is here, take a note from a few sex experts who swear that sometimes that steamiest … [Read More...]


6 Insane Sex Myths (That Are Actually True)

*Originally posted on *Cracked When that one kid back in high school told us that he'd heard that you could get pregnant from blow jobs or that the chlorine in hot tubs means you can't catch STDs, we were smart enough to call bullshit. But it turns out that we probably shouldn't have been so quick to laugh and tell him what a virgin he was, because some of those ridiculous sex myths turned out to be terrifyingly close to the truth. For example ... #6. Yes, the Dude Can Break His Penis (You … [Read More...]