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Rubber ducks and fast food can kill your sex drive, research finds

*Originally published on The Telegraph Rubber ducks, shower curtains and fast food could be preventing women becoming mothers because they contain chemicals which damage sex drive, a new study suggests. By Sarah Knapton Women with the highest concentrations of "phthalates" in their bodies - chemicals used to make plastics bendy - were far more likely to suffer low libido, researchers found. Those with the most chemicals in their systems claimed that they frequently lost … [Read More...]


jessica drake Shares “Wicked Sex Tips” on Girl Boner Radio

On October 27, jessica shared her favorite tips on anal play, sexy solo fun, how to feel sexier naked, and more with the listeners of Girl Boner Radio and it's host, August McLaughlin - and had an amazing time doing it! A spicy blend of personal stories, in-depth reporting and inspiration, Girl Boner Radio is where good girls go for sexual empowerment. Host August McLaughlin explores female sensual pleasure like no one else, is the fearless sister/girlfriend you’ve always wanted — and she … [Read More...]


New Paris landmark: Giant sex toy or an Xmas tree?

Originally posted on Yahoo News PARIS (AP) — A giant green art installation on the tony Place Vendome in Paris is attracting perhaps more attention than American artist Paul McCarthy bargained for. It's called "Tree," and vaguely resembles an inflatable Christmas tree. McCarthy told Le Monde that it was somewhat inspired by an anal plug sex toy — but insisted it was a bit of a "joke" and meant as an "abstraction." Conservative French critics are decrying the sculpture on social … [Read More...]


Designer Vaginas: Why Young Women are Searching for Porn Star Perfection

*This article originally posted on The Telegraph Young women who have undergone labiaplasty surgery tell Radhika Sanghani why they were so desperate to have a 'designer vagina' By Radhika Sanghani NHS Choices says it is natural for the labia to vary in appearance and also warns there’s “no guarantee you’ll get the result you expected” from an operation Photo: ALAMY “I was about 15 when I first became unhappy with the way I looked 'down there’. … [Read More...]

One Night Stands Are Simply Auditions

Adult superstar Nina Hartley once said, “I don’t have one night stands, I have auditions. If you don’t get a call back, you didn’t make the cut.” Casual sex doesn’t exist, mostly. After a one-night stand, more than half of women and men hope to trigger a longer relationship. However, one-night stands can be fun and healthy, whether you’re seeking a relationship or not. Benefits of a one-night stand include heightened chances of a vaginal orgasm, due to a flood of new hormones you’ll get from … [Read More...]