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Is Halloween a “Safe Space” for Sexuality?

With Halloween just around the corner, stores everywhere are stockpiling all of the holiday essentials – candy, pumpkins, themed home décor and of course, the highly debated “slutty women’s Halloween costume.” Naturally I don’t think they’re slutty – or that there’s anything wrong with women expressing their sexuality through costumes – but America has made the “day of the dead” a sort of unofficial day of uninhibited sexuality. Any other day of the year, short skirts, tight dresses, and … [Read More...]


jessica drake shares her tips in “How to Look Incredible Naked” from

Spray Tan “I love to spray tan, but I always make sure to exfoliate at home first,” says Jessica Drake, a Wicked Pictures contract star and sex educator. “There are places that do custom airbrushing—even contour abs on your body—or there are booths that you stand in while a machine sprays you. If you’re not ready to commit to that, there are also gradual self-tanner lotions that you can buy in drugstores.” Use latex gloves if you’re self-applying, and take care with easily neglected areas like … [Read More...]


Box Art Revealed: jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: The Art of StripTease

The 1st Nudity-Only Instructional Title in Sex Educator jessica drake’s Award-Winning Series Releases September 10!                   Featuring stars such as cover girl Alison Tyler, Beverly Lynn, and Sarah Shevon, the film demonstrates sexy techniques of striptease, including dressing in the right attire, undressing seductively with confidence, perfecting the walk of seduction, how to give a sexy lap dance, and even some pole tricks. … [Read More...]

What Women Think About When Making Out (a Guest Blog)

***The following is a guest blog written for the site. I find it provides an interesting perspective I want to share, so I hope you enjoy. XO, jd After a tumultuous breakup, women often rewind and go back to point A, where it all began – the kiss.  The memories may include a powerful smell of cologne, a faint taste of tobacco and coffee, or the softest lips you ever felt.  Maybe he was sloppy and lacking experience, or perhaps his tongue was too aggressive.  Or maybe all you could think at … [Read More...]


Why it’s more important than ever to fix the way we teach sex in schools.

Porn is now part of everyday life, say teenagers Porn is entertainment for adults!  You wouldn't watch "Fast & the Furious" to learn how to drive, and you shouldn't watch porn to learn about sex.  In order to stress this fact, porn must be openly talked about along with other aspects of sex. Read more of the article from … [Read More...]