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Bill to make sex education a statutory requirement gets its second reading

*Originally posted on The Guardian “It’s 1pm and already we’re talking about masturbation,” declares pint-sized bodybuilder Antonietta Moch, with a broad smile across her face. “Masturbation is very private,” she hollers across the classroom. “Masturbation is about having sex with yourself. It’s about pleasuring yourself.” “Don’t put it on Facebook,” she says, to uncomfortable giggles from her audience. “And when it comes to having sex, that’s private too.” Moch is giving a sex … [Read More...]


Planned Parenthood Under Fire in Sex Ed Controversy at California School

*Originally published on Breit Bart Planned Parenthood has stirred up controversy at Acalanes High School in Lafayette, California over the group's presence in the school's sex ed curriculum, drawing the ire of parents who are against the move. "They are merely using the students and access to the students to gain future clientele for Planned Parenthood," said one parent who believes the group has a hidden agenda, according to local Fox affiliate KTVU. Camille Giglio cited her belief … [Read More...]


New documentary Sex(Ed) traces the history of sexual education films in America

*Originally posted on Slant Magazine Brenda Goodman's documentary Sex(Ed), not to be confused with the recently released Haley Joel Osment vehicle Sex Ed, traces the history of sexual education films in America, from its first installment in 1893 to the 21st century's hype of terroristic abstinence-only programs. The film mixes a plethora of entertaining clips from such "moral education" films throughout the decades (some of which are YouTube favorites, like the … [Read More...]

Sex Education Can Prevent Sexual Abuse, says Canadian Expert

*Originally posted on International Business Times Written by Sounak Mukhopadhyay Canada has started talking about sexual assaults and reporting such cases to the authorities. Many believe that "prevention is better than cure." Such discussions started after former CBC Radio host Jian Ghomeshi had been terminated by the news network due to his sexual practices. Further investigations in the issue revealed that several former colleagues had allegedly been victims of Ghomeshi's sexual … [Read More...]


10 Hilariously Bad Pieces Of Retro Sex Ed Advice For Teens

*Originally published on Huffington Post Written by Amanda Scherker Sex ed is pretty awkward, but sex ed of the past was apparently even worse. Parents and teachers have always been generally lousy when it comes to talking about all matters of the heart, but when came to explaining the dreaded "birds and the bees" back in the day, things not only got super squirmy, but also insanely inaccurate. These are just some of the best snippets of sex ed that will make you oh-so-glad to be a … [Read More...]