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NGO trains teachers on comprehensive sexuality

Originally posted on *Ghana Web The Savanna Signatures, a Tamale-based non-governmental organisation, has trained teachers from 10 schools in the Northern Region in comprehensive sexuality. The aim of the training is to equip teachers to enable them to help educate teenagers at the junior high schools (JHS) to avoid immoral acts that would lead to teenage pregnancies. The training is under the NGO’s teacher facilitation training programme dubbed ‘My World and My Life’ (MWML), which is … [Read More...]


Billboard Company Disgusted By Ex-Gay Ad, Promises To Take It Down

Originally posted on * Written by Zack Ford This month, a new billboard in the Dallas area is promoting “Reparative Therapy: Real Therapy… Really Works.” The link on the ad directs toward the therapy practice of David Pickup, a practitioner and proponent of ex-gay therapy who has very publicly fought — unsuccessfully — to defend the harmful, ineffective treatment from being banned for minors. Pickup confirmed to reporter John Wright that the Texas billboard was his. Wright … [Read More...]


‘My Husband’s Not Gay’ and Pop Culture’s Simplistic View of Sexuality

Originally posted on *The Daily Beast Written by Parker Molly On Sunday night, TLC aired My Husband’s Not Gay, a controversial look into the lives of four married Mormon men from the Salt Lake City, Utah, area. The common thread linking the show’s subjects is that despite being in committed, monogamous marriages with women, they each admit to having at least some attraction to other men. Almost immediately after announcing the show’s air-date, TLC was hit with a deluge of complaints … [Read More...]


Women have casual sex for fun, Ottawa study finds — the mushy emotional stuff comes later

Originally posted on *National Post In a report that should surprise no one, University of Ottawa researchers have determined that women have one-night stands for the sex. In a survey of 510 mostly Canadian women, “the person’s physical appearance turned me on” was rated as the number one reason heterosexual respondents had opted for casual sex. Although women in committed relationships reported having sex as an expression of love or affection, casual sex was almost purely physical. … [Read More...]

Workouts for a Better Sex Life

Originally posted on *Ask Men "When on top, you need a strong lower back and hips, as well as strong arms to hold your body in position. Stiff leg dead lifts and moving planks are great sexercises to target these key muscles." To get good results with anything (sex or a workout), you need consistency. Being consistent with your workouts and your sex life will not only burn calories and lower your stress level, but it will keep your heart pumping and your partner happy. That said, there is … [Read More...]