people are finally talking about consent in an open, sexy way and that’s a win for everyone


The following article by Mark Shrayber was published yesterday on and contains an interview with me. It’s titled “People Are Finally Talking About Consent in an Open, Sexy Way and That’s A Win for Everyone”:

“Consent is critical to any sexual relationship, whether it be a long-term marriage or a Thursday night session of ‘Netflix & Chill.’ The problem, however, is that until now, consent has been made to seem like a dry and boring topic — something necessary, but also a possible mood killer. How sexy is it really to stop in the middle of sexual congress to say “are you willingly engaging in the act of coitus with me?’

But f*ck that noise because here’s what’s up: Consent. Is. Important.

First things first, though: Considering that consent has always been important, why are we talking about it so much and so openly now?”

To read the rest of Mark’s article on and his interview with me, click here.