5 tips to giving great oral sex

*Originally appeared as a guest blog post on “Dirty And Thirty.”

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s the majority of men love a great blowjob. Therefore, in honor of “Steak and Blowjob Day,” I have taken the liberty of sharing five of my favorite tips for giving incredible head.


Start Slow and Let Him Know It’s “Blow Job Time”: When giving fellatio, always start slow and let your partner know its all for his benefit. In your own words, tell your man that it’s “blow job time” and you expect nothing in return. You can use this information to tease him with a suggestive text or phone call earlier in the day. Then when the time comes, use only your tongue. Don’t incorporate hands yet. Tease him into full arousal, and if he’s already aroused, make him want it even more.

  • Perception Is Everything: When giving a man oral sex, his point of view is very important. Keep your location in mind and always think of ways to stimulate him visually, as well as physically. For example, consider positioning yourself in front of a mirror, or somewhere with a partial view of a mirror. As noted in “Guide to Wicked Sex: Fellatio,” a popular volume in my sex instructional series, be sure to wear something that shows off your breasts and tie your hair into a ponytail to give him a clear view. This way, your man can fully appreciate his blowjob and watch it from different angles.

  • Be Enthusiastic: Men love it when you enjoy giving them pleasure. Moan and make it obvious that you like what you’re doing. When he starts to cum, be enthusiastic! Don’t stop, and if you don’t want to swallow, use your saliva and his cum to stroke him. Rub his cock with all your saliva and use both hands until he stops moving. He’ll never notice, and he’ll thank you later for not stopping!

  • Use Flavored Lubes: Flavored lubes can make giving oral sex extremely tasty. My favorite personal lubricants are from the Wicked Sensual Care collection, which contains 100 percent plant-based derivatives and glycerin – thus making them vegan and PETA-compliant. The line also includes several products with the glycerin-free advantage—hypoallergenic Sensitive, Jellé, and an entire silicone-based Ultra line. Spread a thin layer of lube on your man’s cock and then dive in. He’ll taste wonderful!

  • Eye Contact: When giving fellatio, I cannot overstress the need for eye contact. When you’re looking into his eyes and moaning, it signals that you are confidence and love what you’re doing. This will trigger an instinctive, animalistic reaction from your man, and he will feel more relaxed and more turned on– and experience an incredible orgasm!

Demonstrating you care as much about your man’s sexual satisfaction as you do your own is a great way to show your appreciation and boost his confidence. Use all of my tips, and don’t be scared to try new things. Later, when it’s your turn, I’ll bet your guy will be just as eager to return the favor!



jessica drake