jessica drake & TEAM WICKED Raise Thousands for AIDS Walk LA Fundraising Goal

Consisting of Adult Performers, Industry Workers, & Fans, TEAM WICKED Walked 10K in Support of LA County AIDS Organizations!

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (October 15, 2014) – TEAM WICKED, led by Wicked Pictures performer and director jessica drake, raised thousands of dollars for the 30th Annual AIDS Walk Los Angeles, surpassing its original goal. Accumulating $14,585 in total donations for the October 12 event, Team Wicked ranks as the 15th highest fundraiser in 2014. This year’s 10 kilometer walk marks the fifth consecutive year drake has reprised her role as a “Star Walker” and the third year she’s organized TEAM WICKED on behalf of Wicked Pictures; TEAM WICKED has raised over $53,000 during those three years.


“I love supporting AIDS Walk LA and APLA,” said jessica drake. “Over the years as a participant, I’ve seen them make amazing progress helping those with HIV and taking part in research to prevent the spread of the disease as well. After doing the walk alone the first two years, I realized just how much we could accomplish by bringing TEAM WICKED together, and as always, I am SO proud of the team and SO grateful to Steve and Wicked Pictures for the support. I’m also thankful to everyone who donated their time and/or money. Thank you.”


Composed of drake, Wicked Pictures contract performer Asa Akira, and Wicked Pictures director Brad Armstrong, TEAM WICKED also included adult industry notables Allie Haze, Kylie Ireland, Victoria Rae Black, Anikka Albrite, Mick Blue, David Lord, Jack Napier, and Steviee Hughes.


“This was my third Aids Walk and this year we landed in the Top 15,” said Brad Armstrong. “That’s pretty impressive considering we’re going up against huge corporations like Toyota and Paramount Pictures. I also think it’s a great way for people in the adult business to show commitment to social issues, and I applaud Aids Walk LA for being open-minded enough to let us participate where other charities have shunned us.”


Steve Orenstein, founder of Wicked Pictures, also praised the team for its fundraising efforts, and thanked jessica drake for using her celebrity platform to impact the lives of others.


“I’m really proud of TEAM WICKED for coming together to make a difference in the lives of those affected by AIDS and HIV,” said Orenstein. “jessica uses her voice as a way to spread social consciousness, and the team exists thanks to her. I’m honored to have office staff – and amazing directors and actors, such as Brad and Asa – who continue to donate their time to the walk. The team succeeds because of everyone’s involvement.”


In addition to her charitable work, jessica drake is a highly sought after sexual wellness speaker and educator who lectures at universities and leads global seminars and workshops. She is the writer, producer, and director of the video series “jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex,” which has received critical acclaim from adult industry authorities including AVN, XBIZ, and, as well as The Huffington Post.


AIDS Walk Los Angeles has drawn more than a half-million participants, who have collectively raised more than $72 million in its 27 years. The event, which has served as a model of grassroots fundraising and community activism for organizations across the United States, is sponsored by AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA). It is dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by HIV disease, reducing the incidence of HIV infection, and advocating for fair and effective HIV-related public policy. APLA provides care and HIV prevention services throughout Los Angeles. For more information, visit and
About jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex:
Three-time AVN Best Actress winner and sexual wellness authority jessica drake brings erotic topics to life through intimate demonstrations performed by some of today’s hottest adult stars in her “Guide to Wicked Sex” series. The stimulating sequences are sensual, provocative and enlivened by an informative optional audio commentary. In each volume of “jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex,” writer, producer, director, and host jessica drake addresses a different aspect of human sexuality, ranging from Fellatio and Anal to Basic Positions and Female Masturbation. jessica explores each one with the same distinct blend of knowledge, experience and good humor leading Dee Dennis, the founder of sexuality conference CatalystCon, to praise her as “an amazing sex educator and speaker, who represents a new direction and is breaking new ground” in the sexual self-help genre. The series’ volume on Fellatio earned AVN’s 2012 Best Educational Release award. For more information, visit,, or
About AIDS Walk Los Angeles:
The world’s first AIDS Walk was developed by Craig R. Miller in 1984, during the height of the AIDS epidemic. Seeing the need for immediate action in response to this public-health emergency, Miller sought to fill the void left by the government’s negligible response to the crisis. Drawing on his experience as a political and community organizer, Miller’s approach combined grassroots activism with fundraising and other campaign strategies to raise both awareness and urgently needed funds for the fight against AIDS. Miller brought his idea to the fledgling AIDS service organization, AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA), who hired the young activist to produce this new event. Miller and APLA expected to draw a crowd of 1,000 supporters and raise $100,000 for this very first AIDS Walk. On July 28, 1985 in Los Angeles, 4,500 courageous and visionary people assembled at Paramount Studios and raised an astonishing $673,000. Since 1985, AIDS Walk Los Angeles has drawn over a half-million participants who have collectively raised more than $72 million for APLA. The event serves as a model of grassroots fundraising and community activism for organizations across the United States. For more information, visit


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jessica drake shares her tips in “How to Look Incredible Naked” from


Spray Tan
“I love to spray tan, but I always make sure to exfoliate at home first,” says Jessica Drake, a Wicked Pictures contract star and sex educator. “There are places that do custom airbrushing—even contour abs on your body—or there are booths that you stand in while a machine sprays you. If you’re not ready to commit to that, there are also gradual self-tanner lotions that you can buy in drugstores.” Use latex gloves if you’re self-applying, and take care with easily neglected areas like your feet so that you don’t end up with orange heels.

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Box Art Revealed: jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: The Art of StripTease

The 1st Nudity-Only Instructional Title in Sex Educator jessica drake’s Award-Winning Series Releases September 10!

Link: Guide to Wicked Sex: Strip Tease

GTWS_Striptease_NUDITY_ONLY_front                 GTWS_Striptease_NUDITY_ONLY_back

Featuring stars such as cover girl Alison Tyler, Beverly Lynn, and Sarah Shevon, the film demonstrates sexy techniques of striptease, including dressing in the right attire, undressing seductively with confidence, perfecting the walk of seduction, how to give a sexy lap dance, and even some pole tricks.

What Women Think About When Making Out (a Guest Blog)

***The following is a guest blog written for the site. I find it provides an interesting perspective I want to share, so I hope you enjoy. XO, jd

After a tumultuous breakup, women often rewind and go back to point A, where it all began – the kiss.  The memories may include a powerful smell of cologne, a faint taste of tobacco and coffee, or the softest lips you ever felt.  Maybe he was sloppy and lacking experience, or perhaps his tongue was too aggressive.  Or maybe all you could think at the time was, “SEX, SEX, SEX!”  The point is when making out, female brains are on high alert.  A kiss is often a foreteller of where things will lead, but we have to know how to read the signs and listen to our own thoughts.

WE ARE KISSING.  Sometimes in the act of kissing this is all I’m thinking.  Like a giddy 14-year-old who has waited 9 weeks for the next step with her first boyfriend, the first kiss feels all the same.  “I never expected him or myself to initiate this, but it’s happening.  It’s happening!”  He likes you, definitely.  Time to parade.

I AM FALLING IN LOVE.  Already.  And we’re thinking about the future: “Wait ‘til I tell my girlfriends about this!”  “Are you going to call me after I leave your car?”  “We’d be a cute couple, picnicking by the lake.”  “Perhaps, we’ll get married.  No, that’s crazy talk!  …We’d have hot children though, with our super genes.”  When we’re kissing, we always want more.  And sometimes it’s not just sex – it’s a phone call the next morning.

WOW HE IS USING A LOT OF TONGUE.  And other thoughts like these.  “Is his hand on my chest– how did that get there?” “My pants are unzipped?  He’s a magician.”  “SLOW DOWN!”  “Am I being too uptight?  I should play it cool.  Maybe I should graze his crotch.”  Tune into your heart, and I’m not being mushy here.  If he’s too aggressive and you’re feeling nervous, tell him to slow down.

AM I DOING THIS RIGHT?  “Does my breath stink?  Fuck, I never quite figured out how to best kiss.  That eHow article said to kiss his jawline.  Oh, biting his lip is supposed to be sexy.  That was awkward… I’ve been kissing the left side for about 3 minutes.  Now to the right.  Shit, we just bumped heads.”  If we’re still kissing, we’re probably doing it right.  Don’t get hung up in the small details, or you might find yourself obsessing over everything in the relationship.

OOPS, HOW DID WE END UP HERE?  “We just had a few drinks!  I barely found you interesting! … Ah, yes, we did have a few drinks.”  “How did we get from talking about the most effective natural detergent to here?”  One word: hormones.  Take a breather and clear your head before moving forward.

WILL THIS LEAD TO SEX?  Kissing stimulates your ovaries to start producing testosterone, which increases sexual excitement.  “This is definitely leading to sex.  Did I shave my vag?”  This is a special moment.  You’re intoxicated by hormones and you just let everything go, including insecurities about your body.

WAIT, WE SHOULD STOP.  “This will not go any further.”  “I want to take things slow.”  “Okay, five more minutes … Two more minutes … Fuck.”  Hahaha… GET LOOSE. 🙂

WE ARE GOING TO HAVE SEX. THAT IS A FACT.  Apparently adrenaline increases while we’re kissing and our inhibitions lower, meaning it’s unlikely we’ll stop to talk about alternative medicine or something.  “I wonder if sex will be good …  Does he have a nice penis?”  If the kissing is good, most likely sex will be even better.

A WANDERING MIND.  “What time is it?”  “Shoot I have to pay my phone bill tomorrow.”  “Game of Thrones tomorrow night!”  “Definitely getting a rash from your stubble.”  “He’s wearing Carlos Santana cologne.  I feel awesome that I know that.  What am I doing again?  Right, kissing!!!”  We’re multi-taskers too.  You kiss and undress us; we kiss and do our taxes.  This is not necessarily a negative thing, but be aware of the fact you aren’t fully caught up in the moment.

While a good first kiss may not always lead to a magical relationship, it’s quite often a bad first kiss is a sign of a lack of chemistry.  I’m a big believer in second chances, but if the spark isn’t there, it may be time to go in search of a new first kiss.

Guide to Wicked Sex: Plus Size Hits #5 on AVN’s Top 50 Specialty Rentals Chart


Check out the AVN Chart here:


In honor of this I wanted to share some Guide to Wicked Sex: Plus Size images. Enjoy!

ScarletLevay1 (1)

AngelDeLuca_Scarlet3 (1)
















Guide to Wicked Flirting – Tips for the Ladies

The days of being courted by a gentleman on your parents’ veranda, while sipping lemonade are long gone – though if you ask me, they may have never truly existed. As generations age, they cling on to romanticized or exaggerated notions of their youth, but I’m sure many people still met at a bar, saloon, or speakeasy, often flirting without the gaze of their parents.

What has changed is society’s notion of gender roles. While we are still far from total gender equality, if women are able to serve in the military, they sure as heck should be able to initiate flirting. If you’re the type of gal who typically waits on a guy to make the first move, but things in your dating life have been slow, then you may want to read this introductory Guide to Wicked Flirting.

Go to a bar alone… or any place for that matter – Starbucks, the movies, or a county fair. This may seem a bit awkward at first, but putting yourself out there can get you noticed. Empowered dating is all about exposing yourself and feeling comfortable even when you’re at your most vulnerable. Leave your friends at home, let down your guard, and embrace the opportunity to be yourself.

First find a spot in the bar (or place of your choosing) that allows you to interact with people. You can try bellying up to the bar and make friends with your bartender. Walk and talk with confidence. Put down your cellphone and focus on who’s in the bar. Smile, laugh, and strike up a converstaion with the strangers sitting near you. Browse the bar for a guy you find attractive. Make eye contact, and if he is too shy to approach you, move to where he is. Be friendly and engage in conversation. Start with “hello” – people forget how effective that one word is when breaking the ice.

Ask questions because us ladies aren’t the only ones who like to talk about ourselves. Once engaged in conversation, don’t clam up. If you come across someone you’d like to know better, take it slow — but try to keep the conversation going. Ask questions, smile, and pay attention to what they’re saying, and look them in the eye! Good eye conact shows the gentleman he is the most important thing in the room to you.

Ask him about his hobbies, favorite sports teams, and movies — and share some casual, but not too personal, information about yourself in return. Remember this is supposed to be fun, so relax and enjoy yourself! Conversation is a balancing act, but if you’re both enjoying it, you won’t even notice.

Be yourself – this may seem obvious, but some of the worst crash-and-burn stories you read in magazines like Cosmopolitan occur when someone is trying to put on a mask. Challenging yourself to act in a manner outside of the box is not the same as being untrue to you. Talk about what you’re passionate about. Even if he’s not into the same things, passion is contagious.

Everyone loves a mystery. Think of flirting as a foreword to the book of you. While you want to be yourself and converse freely, you also want to save some things to talk about for the first date… or perhaps for breakfast if things go really well that night. Leave him wanting more.

Give him your number. Few things are more attractive than a flirt who is confident, playful, and clever. If you like the time you’ve spent with this new man, give him your number. Don’t be shy, what’s the worse than can happen, he doesn’t call? It’s not the end of the world, but if you don’t try, you’ll never know where it can go.

Remember, if you sit back and wait for a man to do all of these things, you may spend the best years of your life doing just that, waiting. Take control and be the sexy, witty, best version of you, you can be!


jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: G-Spot and Female Ejaculation Stills

Curious about your G-Spot? Are you a “squirter”? What is female ejaculation, and how can you just give in and surrender yourself to one of the strongest orgasmic experiences ever; with or without a partner? Explore these questions and more in jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: G Spot and Female Ejaculation. In this edition of the multi-award winning Instructional series from Wicked Picture’s very own resident sex educator, you will learn what the G-Spot is, where it’s at, and how best to use it for your pleasure…

Link: Guide to Wicked Sex: G Spot and Female Ejaculation

jessica drake's Guide to Wicked Sex: G-Spot and Female Ejaculation G2 g3 g4 g5 g6 g7 g8


Food and Foreplay

Food and foreplay are two of the top items on my new-agey “gratitude list.” Although many of us occasionally overindulge in the first activity and neglect the second, the marriage of food and sex is a happy one. Whether it’s strawberries and champagne or Chinese take-out, your favorite foods can awaken a deep, carnal recess of your brain. The aroma and impromptu sloppiness will make you want to devour your partner’s genitals and the crumbs that happen to fall around them. Yes, I love eating.

You can forgo whipped cream, cherries, and chocolate syrup if they’re not your thing. I believe any food can get you horny, as long as you attribute some sort of a mythical power to it. For example, you may have good memories from childhood involving food, perhaps going to the mall with your friends and chowing down on a Cinnabon. Now if your partner brings home that sweet, nolstagic something and finger-feeds it to you, while also eating you out– INCREDIBLE. Your positive memories are now being associated with something even more stimulating, and you’re getting arounds physically and mentally!

Although my main advice for food sex is simple – eat food, have sex – here are things to consider:

Let go of being clean as possible. Just let go. There’s no avoiding a messy situation, especially since it’s half the fun. Lay a bed sheet over where you plan on fucking and throw it in the wash after the tasty deed. Then decide whether to take a shower or have more sex.

Get the good stuff. You and your partner are going to treat each other, so only prepare once-in-a-while foods. Their specialness or sinfulness will carry into the bedroom. Do you hardly cook for your partner? Turn your partner on by making her dinner, while playing sexy songs. Are you two a power couple on a low-carb paleo diet? Just once, in blood-oath secrecy, nibble on macaroons, chocolate cake, cotton candy, or a cinnamon roll. Also, foods that are “exotic” to you can transcend your normal sex routine to the unfamiliar. Highly aromatic foods, like Indian curry, foods that knockout all your taste buds, like a Dragon Roll, and slurpy foods, like Pad Thai or a ripe mango, are all scrumptious. The point is to be deviant and indulge like children on Halloween.

It’s also HOW you eat. Lovingly place your food anywhere on your partner’s body – on her tits, his dick, her vulva, or any other external hot spot are acceptable places. Make sure you or your partner’s genitals aren’t super irritable or prone to infection. Otherwise, lay food down from the waist up. Then, eat, lick, and nibble slowly until you both decide to rough it up. If you really want to make you partner happy, go down on them while they savor a bite of their favorite dessert. You can also sprawl small dry treats about your bed that you and your partner can taste while you two fuck (Cadbury chocolates have a low melting point!). However, unless it’s your kinky partner’s hands around your neck, be wary of choking.

Happy eating and sexing!




jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Anal Stills

Curious about anal sex, but afraid to try it? Maybe you have unanswered questions and just don’t know where to start. With my help, we’ll change all of that. I’m jessica drake, and in this Guide to Wicked Sex, you’ll learn everything you need to know to enjoy your first anal experience. With the help of two anal experts, you’ll learn how to prepare, experiment with toys, choose the correct lube, and finally how to go all the way. You may have thought about trying anal sex to please your man, but I’ll show you just how satisfying it can be for both of you! Cast: Asa Akira, Dana DeArmond, Lyla Storm, Jeremy Conway, Mr Marcus, and Ramon Nomar.

Link: Guide to Wicked Sex: Anal