Sweeten up your Sex : Why I like Flavored Lubes

As you may know, lubrication is an essential part of sex. Without it, the vagina can become chafed, irritated, and unhappy. While vaginas lubricate themselves naturally during arousal, not all women produce enough of their honey, causing sex to become difficult. According to researchers at the University of California in Santa Barbara, approximately 40% of women in the US have experienced inadequate lubrication during sex — that’s millions of women yelling, “I’m not wet enough!”

Lube isn’t only for people with kinky, gorilla-like sex lives. The reality is that many women have trouble naturally lubricating, leading to uncomfortable and even painful sex. Adding lube can enhance sexy time, whether you need a little help getting wet or are all good to go. Every woman is different, and so is her vagina. Women really want to have sex, but sometimes we can’t get our vaginas on the same page.

There are many different reasons women experience dryness. Any negative emotions during sexual activity can prevent vaginal wetness. Stress can cause the body to produce higher levels of epinephrine, a hormone that interferes with the body’s sexual response cycle and thus impedes vaginal lubrication. Release the gunk harboring your mind! Taking a warm bath, lighting some candles, having a romantic dinner with your partner, and giving each other massages are all effective ways to calm down and set the mood. If you still need a little help to get wet, reach for the lube and massage some onto you and your partner’s fun parts…

The uses for lube are endless! Use it when playing with your sex toys for added pleasure. It is great for hand jobs; the cooling or warming lubes creates the ultimate stimulating sensation. Flavored lubes are super tasty for oral sex, not to cover up taste or smells but to enhance. Moreover, lube is a MUST for anal!

Lube is for everybody, especially with the added bonus of yummy flavors! It can be used to enhance different sensations, regardless of whether you are already wet or not, and should be within an arm’s reach of the bed at all times…

There are tons of great lubes on the market, just remember that not all lubes are created equal, or right for everyone. While lubes with Glycerin, a thick, sweet-tasting, colorless liquid, are an all-natural option, women prone to yeast infections or men prone to UTIs should consider avoiding it due to the sugar. If you are using condoms, avoid petroleum or oil-based lubes, as it can cause latex to deteriorate. Water-based lubricants are a great alternative, though they are sometimes not as thick as the other lubes. There are silicone-based lubes, which can work very well. It is best to experiment to find a lube that works best for you.


Here are some of my favorite lubes…
● Wicked AQUA Mocha Java has a noticeable coffee flavor, mixed with a chocolaty sweetness—like a Mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks. The silky texture allow for smoother motions and thus an enhanced experience for both partners.
● Wicked AQUA Pomegranate has a unique, sweet flavor with a slightly bitter aftertaste, much like its namesake pomegranate. Drive your partner crazy with one of the best oral experiences of his/her life!
● Wicked AQUA Salted Caramel has the sweetness of caramel accompanied by saltiness. The two flavors perfectly complement each other and allow for a rich caramel treat. Why not use it for playful oral sex before a hot love session?
● Wicked AQUA Vanilla Bean is a perfectly sweet treat for yourself while pleasuring your partner. It tastes like silky, smooth vanilla syrup. Use with toys to pleasure yourself, or with your partner for a sensual oral session.
To spice it up a little more, try mixing different flavors for a heavenly session with your partner. My favorite combos are Pomegranate and Vanilla Bean, and Salted Caramel with Mocha Java.

My favorite personal lubricants, and all the lubes mentioned above, are from the Wicked Sensual Care collection. It includes products with glycerin containing only 100% plant-based derivatives, making each vegan and PETA-compliant. The line also includes several products with the glycerin-free advantage—hypoallergenic Sensitive, Jellé, and an entire silicone-based Ultra line.

Many women experience vaginal dryness due to a variety of factors (stress, negative emotions, medications, etc.), and inadequate lubrication can lead to irritated and chafed labia and vaginal walls. Lube offers a solution for individuals who don’t lubricate enough, don’t lubricate at all, or simply want a sexy and fun addition to their bedroom sessions.

Don’t hesitate to use lube to smoothen and enrich your sexcapades! Remember, it is always better to have lube and not need it, than need lube and not have it.



*This article originally appeared on Fleshbot.com as part of a weeklong guest editor gig I had

Speaking to Prof. Constance Penley’s UCSB Students

Monday I had the honor of speaking at the University of California at Santa Barbara to a class taught by Professor of Film and Media Studies, Constance Penley. Although I’ve found myself speaking at many universities lately, each experience has been completely different, and this one was exceptionally unique.

The lecture took place in the Pollack Theater, a truly gorgeous venue, boasting the biggest screen I’ve even seen anything I’ve directed on. And speaking of the screen, before I was escorted onto the stage, the first few minutes of my latest starring role, $EX  was shown. As I took my seat onstage and began to introduce myself and talk a bit abut my background and history, I was excited to see everyone paying very close attention – some even taking notes that will come into play later during my time with them.

I did go through the usual introductory information, and after that, I focused on explaining how my series came about. I was describing my formula for writing, casting, and shooting, then we screened Guide to Wicked Sex – Anal Play for Men. As the lights dimmed, I turned sideways to be able to see the screen, but I made sure I was still able to see the student’s reactions as well. On screen they saw my narration, then the amazing interviews my performers gave me, and after that, they saw some demonstrations. Suddenly, in the near dark, on the HUGE theater screen we were treated to all kinds of male anal play – blow jobs with anal exploration, rimming, handjobs, and more. Even as a seasoned professional, I was totally enthralled. I’ve never seen anything I’ve directed on a screen that big, and I’ve never shared it with such a large live audience. Due to time constraints, we stopped short of anal play with toys and strap ons, and when the lights came on, everyone looked as captivated as I felt. Every time I’ve watched porn in a large group, my experience has varied, but I’d never found the sheer curiosity and attention level as I found in Professor Penley’s class.

We concluded our time together with one of the best Q and A sessions ever. This is where the notes they were taking earlier came into play. The questions were insightful, intuitive, and really original. After the questions, I went into the lobby of the theater for awhile to meet the students personally and gift them with copies of the series and also my newest feature movie, $EX. I also answered questions privately, on a one on one basis, and then it was time to leave.

As I drove home and replayed the afternoon in my head, I thought once again about how truly grateful I am – for opportunities like this, for people like Constance, and especially for my awesome performers and crew who work so hard for me and always give me their very best. Hopefully a few of them are reading this right now – and to them and all of you – I say thanks.