Box Art Revealed: jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: The Art of StripTease

The 1st Nudity-Only Instructional Title in Sex Educator jessica drake’s Award-Winning Series Releases September 10!

Link: Guide to Wicked Sex: Strip Tease

GTWS_Striptease_NUDITY_ONLY_front                 GTWS_Striptease_NUDITY_ONLY_back

Featuring stars such as cover girl Alison Tyler, Beverly Lynn, and Sarah Shevon, the film demonstrates sexy techniques of striptease, including dressing in the right attire, undressing seductively with confidence, perfecting the walk of seduction, how to give a sexy lap dance, and even some pole tricks.

Ask jessica – Readers Request jessica’s Advice

I feel like my boyfriend and I always have the “same sex”. I don’t want to get bored with him. What can I do to change up our sex life?

–Amanda; Boston, MA


Hi Amanda, it’s great you want to amp up your sex life! There are plenty of ways, big and small, to change things up.

One way to heat up the bedroom is to extend the foreplay well beyond the four walls. Text naughty love notes during the day while you both are at work, or consider slipping a pair of your panties into a pocket of his clothes or briefcase for him to find. It will ensure you’re on his mind throughout the day – anticipation building until he can get home and rip your clothes off.

Another way to turn up the heat is to try having sex somewhere new and risqué, like the kitchen counter or head out to dinner, and make a quick exit to the restaurant bathroom. Remember sex doesn’t have to be in the bedroom!

Continue to try new things and talk about your fantasies with each other. Whether it’s striptease, role-playing, or S&M, decide what you’re both comfortable with and take it from there.

Switching up your positions can also make a huge difference and provide a bit of new excitement between the two of you. For some easy tips, check out jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex:Basic Positions.




My husband wants to watch porn while we are having sex. I don’t know if I feel comfortable with him watching another girl, while he’s making love to me. What should I do?

–Michelle; Denver, CO


Michelle, first of all, when it comes to sex, if there is anything you are uncomfortable doing, DON’T! A man who loves you won’t force you into anything you’re not ready for. However, if you are open to meeting him halfway, try picking out a soft-core adult film you feel comfortable watching together. Make sure to discuss your comfort zone and what your do not cross line is.

Since you feel uncomfortable with your hubby watching porn while you are in the act of having sex, consider turning the film off after foreplay, once things have heated up. Setting boundaries you are both comfortable with is the only way to go.