Let’s Make A Sex Tape – What to Remember When Creating Your Sex Tape

The movie Sex Tape, starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel, teaches us a valuable lesson, beware of the iCloud. In the prehistoric VHS era, creating a sex tape used to be low-risk, since the tape was physical, bury-able, and nuke-able. The innocent, and slightly naive, couple in Sex Tape reflects how tech-savvy suburbanites may neglect to consider the hands their XXX movie may fall into, like parents, bosses, or the NSA. What I’m saying is, I’m a porn star. People see me have sex– no surprises. But others, like people who are using their iPad to record themselves in the act, should remember to be responsible and fully aware of how their video may end up on the Internet. This being said, creating a sex tape can feel outrageously liberating and sexually rewarding. Knowing you’re being filmed forces you and your partner to love more consciously and up your performance… so, here are steps for to remember to ensure a smooth and delicious sex tape experience:

Read the contract and sign an anti-release form. This does not have to be written, but it is mandatory to understand the potential consequences of making a sex tape. First, if you upload it onto a computer, there’s a chance of a third party viewer. Second, anyone who acquires it may use it as blackmail. To prevent the viral spread of your home video, only share it between you and your partner and make a promise to never upload the video online. In the event of a break-up, also promise to mutually destroy the video. Alternatively, record the sex, play it back, and immediately delete it. If you have smartphone, Google Glass Sex is an app that lets you watch and record yourself having sex and automatically deletes the footage five hours later.

Be the artistic director of your scene. Consider wearing costumes for some hot role-playing, such as doctor and patient, or student and teacher.Will your character need a prop? Think about incorporating sex toys into your video, such as a vibrating dildo or a whip, for sexual fun and variance. Also think about the angle and position of your camera. Do you want to see all balls or a close-up of two steaming bodies? Having two cameras is particularly useful because one can focus on you while the other focuses on your partner. This will allow you and your partner to watch each other at the same time after recording.

Improvise your scene. I know this totally goes against my last point. However, I want to stress the importance of relaxing and having fun– this video is for you and your partner, a celebration of each other’s love or adept sexual prowess. Making a sex tape should be a zero-pressure production. After solidifying your partner’s consent, remember what happens next is only for the pleasure of you and your partner, as opposed to a worldwide porn-viewing audience. While the film is rolling, consciously kiss, lick, penetrate, and gaze at each other. Think about how much you two enjoy seeing each other’s bodies. If you’re really nervous and feel like having a drink or two to take the edge off, that’s fine, but don’t go too far…  Remembering the experience is as fun as watching your movie. Another option if you’re nervous is to turn off the camera and simply pretend it’s on.

Now it’s time to watch. Now you get to watch the growing trust and intimacy between you and your partner during and after the creation of your sex tape. Filming a normally private activity, like sex, is exhilarating to watch over and over again. In fact, maybe you two could re-watch your tape while having sex… meta-sex.

Thank you for reading!




50 Ways to Seduce Your Lover

50 Ways to Seduce Your Lover is a quick reference guide to set the stage for intimacy.  Morning, noon or night, your partner will be delighted with these simple ideas that let them know you’re in the mood.  Flatter your lover with desire and the sentiment will be returned more times than not.  These tips can be done at home or on the road, they are simple, easy on the budget and very effective.  Pick one that appeals to you and let the games begin.

    1. Role Play  (i.e. nurse, cheerleader, the beautiful stranger)
    2. Send him sexy pictures via text
    3. Give him/her a sensual massage with oil
    4. Give him the  remote control to your vibrating panties
    5. Go commando
    6. Set the stage to have an adult movie playing when he gets home from work
    7. Wear lingerie

  1. Send suggestive texts
  2. Join your partner in the shower
  3. Go to bed naked
  4. Wake him/her up with oral sex
  5. Walk around the house naked
  6. Perform a strip tease
  7. Read erotica to each other
  8. Watch an Xrated movie together and copy what they’re doing on the screen
  9. Kiss their neck
  10. Go bra-less
  11. Smile / wink
  12. Masturbate in front of your mate
  13. Share a sexual fantasy
  14. Slip a pair of panties in his briefcase
  15. Bite your lip
  16. Wear his shirt with nothing else
  17. Wear his favorite perfume
  18. Show up naked in a trench coat
  19. Surprise him with a Lap Dance
  20. Suck her/his fingers or toes
  21. Do your early morning yoga naked
  22. Breakfast in bed that he can eat off of you
  23. Reach under the dinner table and gentle run your fingers over the outline of his cock
  24. Sneak him into the dressing room at a store as you’re trying on clothes for a quickie
  25. Drop something right in front of him, bend over and graze your butt against his cock
  26. Oral Sex in the car while driving
  27. Initiating sex after a workout
  28. Wrestle with your mate
  29. Let your lover choose positions from a kama sutra book then get to work
  30. Watch her get dressed
  31. Cook his favorite meal in nothing but high heels and an apron
  32. Show up for a nooner
  33. Create sex coupons and leave them throughout the house
  34. Masturbate in the passenger seat while they’re driving
  35. Sex in an airplane (works best in first class!)
  36. Oral sex in the movies
  37. Stroke them with satin/faux fur gloves
  38. Feed him tasty treats with your fingers
  39. In a very public place, lean over and whisper into their ear how much you want them
  40. Suck on phallic shaped objects like lollipops or bananas in his presence
  41. Play Dress Up
  42. Wait for him to come home in nothing but his tie and high heels
  43. Take a bubble bath together