Box Art Revealed: jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: The Art of StripTease

The 1st Nudity-Only Instructional Title in Sex Educator jessica drake’s Award-Winning Series Releases September 10!

Link: Guide to Wicked Sex: Strip Tease

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Featuring stars such as cover girl Alison Tyler, Beverly Lynn, and Sarah Shevon, the film demonstrates sexy techniques of striptease, including dressing in the right attire, undressing seductively with confidence, perfecting the walk of seduction, how to give a sexy lap dance, and even some pole tricks.

The Pleasure Principle: Female Masturbation Techniques

The Pleasure Principle: Female Masturbation Techniques

At the beginning of 2012, we released jessica’s drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Female Masturbation. As I said in my introduction then, the best way to be a better lover is to love yourself. With the help of Julia Ann, Lily LaBeau, and Misty Stone, we illustrated ways the curious and experienced alike could unlock “the Big O.”

The movie has since earned an AVN Awards nomination for Best Specialty Release, and we’re very proud of the passion and inspiration everyone involved brought to it.

As revealed by Misty, Julia Ann, and Lily’s demonstration of some of the primary self-pleasure techniques, all masturbation ultimately begins and ends with the Self. So whether one requires visual stimulation, enjoys using a particular sex toy, or simply want to let her fingers do the job, the “best” technique is the one working for you…

“I Touch Myself”
That classic Divinyls song from the 90s speaks to the experience of a great number of us. Let’s face it – many of us achieve our first real orgasm with a vibrator, dildo, or other sex toy. That said, there are a dizzying number of appealing products on the market. Take your time to find the right one, even if it involves some trial and error. Hey, experimentation is fun – especially with erotic novelties. In the experience of many, toys are still the most versatile way to discover the erotic nuances and subtle physical sensations that take you where you want to go.

“The Sweetest Escape”
For many of us, arousal starts in the mind. So let’s cut to the chase – what turns you on? Whether it’s listening to Black Eyed Peas or Ke$ha with the bass turned to 11, or just checking out the latest “Late Night Comedy” release to hit your Netflix Instant Queue, seducing yourself upstairs first will make it easier to seduce yourself down below, whether with your fingers or a carefully chosen toy.

“Ladies’ Night”
You may have noticed a trend out in the marketplace – today’s adult boutiques aren’t like the XXX bookshops or inner city peep shows of the past. By and large, today’s adult stores are moving uptown, expanding their product lines to include lingerie, sexy lifestyle accessories, and sexy enhancers and lubricants, like our recently-launched Wicked Sensual Care Collection. Use the stores in your area as resources to not only find the stimulating products you may desire, but also to learn – many of the larger chains are now sponsoring “Ladies’ Night” events and inviting speakers, such as myself, to conduct seminars and answer questions.

“Picture This”
If visual stimulation is key for you, you’ll want to welcome Wicked into your world – and bed. While everything we produce is aimed at women and couples, our Wicked Passions titles are specifically designed to appeal to ladies’ erotic longings. I’m especially proud of A Love Story, which Brad Armstrong and I collaborated on for the line.

Whether adult movies, mainstream erotica or sexy novelties ultimately take you where you want to go, female masturbation, as we established at the beginning, is a very personal and intimate activity. But once you’ve found the visual, aural, or mental stimulation you crave, try experimenting with a small vibe. Most stores carry a variety of small clitoral stimulators. A small-ish rocket, rather than a gargantuan rubber dildo will likely be your best aid in the beginning.

Once you’re comfortable in your experimentation, be sure to revisit jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Female Masturbation. Julia Ann, Misty Stone, and Lily LaBeau bring diverse opinions to the table and provide sensual, explicit demonstrations giving you the guidance needed to love yourself in a way that’s uniquely “you.”