Interviewed About “Steps To Having OMG Oral Sex” on Your Tango!

Have you ever wanted to give your partner the oral sex experience of their life? Or perhaps even subtly suggest ways for your significant other to step up their cunninlus or felatio skills? Whether you’re doing it as an act of foreplay or as a precursor to the main bedroom antics, besides anticipation, there are 10 simple steps that you can follow to up your oral sex game.


I recently did an interview with Aly Walansky of Your Tango on “10 Steps To Having OMG Oral Sex.” Click on the link below to check it out and up your oral ante.

jessica drake Shares “Wicked Sex Tips” on Girl Boner Radio

On October 27, jessica shared her favorite tips on anal play, sexy solo fun, how to feel sexier naked, and more with the listeners of Girl Boner Radio and it’s host, August McLaughlin – and had an amazing time doing it!


A spicy blend of personal stories, in-depth reporting and inspiration, Girl Boner Radio is where good girls go for sexual empowerment. Host August McLaughlin explores female sensual pleasure like no one else, is the fearless sister/girlfriend you’ve always wanted — and she loves to talk sex!

Listen to jessica’s guest podcast by clicking here!