jessica drake Joins Feminist Porn Conference Panel, Saturday, April 5

‘Guide to Wicked Sex’ Creator & Sex Educator Discusses Ethical,

Feminist Porn Production Alongside Industry Colleagues!

TORONTO (APRIL 2, 2014) – Sexual wellness authority, sex educator, and Wicked Pictures contract performer / director jessica drake is a featured speaker at The Feminist Porn Conference, held April 5 – 6 at the University of Toronto. drake joins the Saturday, April 5 panel, “Evaluating the Outcome: How Do We Know When Porn was Produced with Ethical Feminist Principles?”

The popular speaker will share her experience in the adult industry both as a performer and a producer/director, and how the concept of ethics and feminist tropes play within her work. drake’s fellow panelists include performers Christopher Daniel Zeischegg (aka Danny Wylde) and Dylan Ryan, plus producer/directors Shine Louise Houston and Tristan Taormino. The panel moderator is Good For Her founder and Feminist Porn Awards creator Carlyle Jansen.

“One major concern about the porn industry is the working conditions of the performers: do they have choices within and outside of the industry?” asks the FPCon site in its description of the panel discussion. “Are they treated with respect on set? Do they suffer consequences on the job or for future jobs if they say no to activities outside their boundaries? What real choices are they given with respect to condom and other safer sex product use? The Feminist Porn Awards strive to include films where the producers employ feminist, ethical labour practices on set. How can we really know?”

“How can we evaluate working conditions on set without actually being there?” continues the panel description. “How do performers assess what is a safe and healthy working environment for themselves ahead of time? How do producers empower their performers? How do consumers know what kinds of business practices they are supporting with their dollars? This discussion will engage performers, producers, academics and those concerned about labour practices to offer ideas on how to measure ethical and fair working conditions on set.”

Held at Bahen Center for Information Tech at the University of Toronto, the panel discussion will take place from 3:45pm – 5:15pm. For more information on The Feminist Porn Conference, visit Additional information can be found on the conference’s Twitter page.

“I’m honored to be invited to speak alongside my industry colleagues at The Feminist Porn Conference,” says drake. “I come into this wearing several hats –as a director, writer, and performer contracted to a company which has been branded for over twenty years as a ‘mainstream’ heterosexual company, though Wicked Pictures has been condom-only for over fourteen years. I will be attempting to challenge the notions of ‘mainstream’ adult entertainment companies and their place within the feminist porn tableau.”

drake continues, “I feel strongly about ethical and feminist porn production; I personally direct a line of modern sex education instructional DVDs, and produce those titles in a very specific way, which aligns with the mantras and ethics of feminist production. I look forward to discussing this and all aspects of porn production with my fellow panelists as well as the audience, at what is sure to be a very lively discourse.”

A fervent educator on sexual health and wellness, jessica drake is a highly sought-after sexual wellness speaker who lectures at universities, teaches seminars, and runs workshops globally. Through her series of workshops and seminars, and her line of instructional DVDs, jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex, jessica teaches people to explore their sexuality in a fun, safe, and responsible way. She teaches how to set boundaries, emphasize consent, and still have wonderful sex while communicating effectively with partners.

For more information about jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex titles, appearances and sex education seminar series, visit To download a promotional photo of jessica drake, click here.

Sparking Conversations on Sexuality at CatalystCon East

This weekend I returned to CatalystCon for the second time – this one took place in Washington D.C./Arlington, VA. From the first evening reception to the closing keynote speech, delivered by Robert Lawrence and Carol Queen, everything was just as amazing as it was last year – maybe even more so now that I have come to know what to expect.

The conference began with a lively warm-up and social lubrication by Maria Falzone and shortly afterward, it was time for the opening keynote plenary, moderated by Tristan Taormino. I was one of the speakers, along with Dr. Mireille Miller-Young, Dr. Hernando Chaves, and Ducky Dolittle. Tristan came up with some interesting questions to get us started, and we spoke of what inspired us, the recent things we have done exemplifying our missions and commitment to change, and so much more. After we spoke, we took questions and comments from the audience, and we could tell everyone was motivated and ready for the next two days.

How can I possibly describe what came afterward? If I condensed my explanation, I’d say two days of brain-stimulating conversations, panels, introductions, and non-stop communication between sex-positive people from many walks of life. I attended panels on Sex Workers and Disability, Sex from the Trans Perspective, Polyamory, and Feminist Porn… and soaked it all in. I tried to go to completely different panels than I did at CatalystCon West, to get myself out of my familiar zone, and instead into realms where I don’t have much experience. Feminist Porn was the most crowded panel I attended, and I spent the entire time crouched down on the floor in the back of the room, shoulder to shoulder with everyone else. The aisles were full as we listened in awe to Constance Penley, Tristan Taormino, Dylan Ryan, and Sinnamon Love. Having just finished the Feminist Porn Book on the flight from LAX to DC, I was excited to hear more from these women. They did NOT disappoint. Each discussed their contributions to the book followed by an intense Q and A session lasting until the next panel came into the room.

I spoke on other panels as well – one on Measure B where I discussed the reality of the “condoms in porn” law with Tristan Taormino and Michael Fatterosi. Originally, when I was pitched the notion of this panel, I didn’t think that people would still be so concerned, or even consider it relevant. I was wrong. The audience intuitively understands it is much more than latex on film, it is a violation of our sexual rights as human beings and could echo repercussions far into the future, and far into our bedrooms.

The other panel I spoke on was Slut Shaming in a Sex Positive Community. Initially, we wondered about the interest in this topic, which isn’t frequently discussed, but it was nearly as packed as the Feminist Porn Panel.  In my background I have experienced Slut Shaming over the years in different degrees, but to hear it from everyone on the panel: Serpent, Femcar, Carol Queen, and Crysta Heart was comforting and reassuring. We opened up the discussion to audience questions and comments, and in that instant, started something that could have gone on for hours. We provoked thoughts; we started open dialogue; we may have even inadvertently started a disagreement/fight. I think it is a panel that must be repeated.

And the evening entertainment!
I went to Girl Gasms by Ducky Doolittle – Take it Like a Man with Charlie Glickman, and then surrendered my “Dirty Bingo” Virginity to Ducky loving every second up until the time I went to bed, knowing I had panels the next day.

I was also a guest on Tristan Taormino’s radio show, “Sex Out Loud,” and had an amazing conversation with one of my all-time inspirations. We also had a studio audience as we recorded, something I’m not used to with my show, but I actually really enjoyed. It was agreed we needed a part two to our discussion, and she may be on my show in the future.

One of the highlights of the weekend was getting #ccon trending on Twitter. Not only did CatalystCon have a hash tag, but each panel had an individual hash tag as well, so people who were unable to make the trip were still able to take part by following along as some of the panels were being live-tweeted by the audiences.

Again, I’m so honored to have been included in CatalystCon East, and even more honored to be included in such an amazing group of people onstage for the opening keynote speech. My sincere thanks goes out to the founder and organizer Dee Dennis, who took a risk having me appear last year, but did it anyway, and also to the notorious Girl Gang & The Evil Sluts who, along with Dee, are truly the glue collectively helping hold CatalystCon together. They also owe me some Nutella.


A Recap of My Appearance at Chapman University

Earlier this week, I had the honor of speaking to a Human Sexuality class at Chapman University with Nina Hartley. The students had already done extensive research on both sides of the porn debate, and they had written papers on whether porn has positive, negative, or neutral effects on men, women, and relationships.

Prior to speaking, Nina and I had no idea who was “pro porn” and who wasn’t, but now in retrospect, I’d love to know if and how their thoughts changed after listening to us and asking us questions. They were a really attentive group, primarily young women, and after Nina and I introduced ourselves, we talked about all kinds of things: consent and boundaries, feminist views on porn, owning our sexuality, orgasms, and much, much more. After we spoke, we took questions from the students and could have easily gone on another hour.

The more questions I hear, the more I realize the public needs more information from reliable sources who can represent the adult business authentically. I love meeting people who are intelligent and willing to listen with open minds, and that’s exactly how Nina and I spent our evening in the company of the students at Chapman.