Elusive and Amazing: Female Ejaculation

According to some people, one of the hottest things a woman can do is to ejaculate during orgasm. But to a lot of women, the whole concept of “female ejaculation,” also called squirting, is confusing and maybe even a little freaky. Here’s some info to help clear the record once and for all about female ejaculation:

• Female ejaculation is definitely not a myth! It happens to so many more women than you could imagine, and a lot of people are incredibly turned on by it.

• The more aroused you are, the more likely you are to ejaculate – so make sure you’re all warmed up. If your partner is helping you feel aroused, communicate. Let them know what works for you and what doesn’t to get those juices flowing!

• Have your partner locate and start stimulating your G-spot. Use small, repetitive circular movements to start. Once the G-spot starts to swell in size, keep going, and start increasing pressure a little at a time. You’re probably going to feel like you might have to pee, but don’t worry – you won’t.

• Next, have your partner increase the intensity and speed in a way that’s comfortable for you. What works really great is to be as relaxed as possible, so you can concentrate on the sensations and let yourself go. Remember to breathe, and keep going until you reach the point of orgasm.

• Female ejaculation feels different for every woman. You might not feel anything at all! Similar to how a guy can feel all sorts of different things when his cock is stimulated in a variety of ways, it’s the same way with G-spot orgasms. Every orgasm is different, and every woman feels something different if and when she ejaculates! Some say it feels like a regular orgasm. Others feel a sensation similar to urination (although the fluid that comes out is definitely NOT pee!), and still others feel nothing at all except for additional wetness.

• So what actually happens to the body when female ejaculation takes place? The Skene’s gland, which is located on the upper wall of the vagina, fills up with fluid during arousal. When the G-spot is stimulated to the point of orgasm, it can cause a gush-like release of fluid. There’s no actual scientific evidence why this happens for some women and not others. Similar to how everyone’s orgasm is different, the same goes for female ejaculation. Some women squirt with distance (like guys), and some only get an increased splishy-splashy feeling. So if you don’t squirt, or if you don’t have something that looks like a geyser, there’s absolutely nothing wrong. It’s different for everyone.

• If you don’t ejaculate the first (or second, or third) time you have a G-spot orgasm, don’t worry! Sometimes a g-spot orgasm will not have a gush to go along with it, but it’ll still be incredibly intense.

• The general response from sex partners of those who ejaculate is they think it’s amazing. Making someone’s body do something involuntarily is incredibly sexy! It’s similar to seeing your guy ejaculate during an orgasm. For both men and women, who are generally very, very visual creatures, seeing pleasure in this way can be a huge turn-on.

So yes, female ejaculation is a real thing. Try a few techniques to see if you’re able to squirt, and add it to your bedroom play – and if it doesn’t happen, it’s still a whole lot of fun exploring your G-spot!

For even more information, including techniques on how to achieve your own ejaculatory orgasm, check out “Guide to Wicked Sex: G-Spot & Female Ejaculation.”


*This article originally appeared on Fleshbot.com as part of a weeklong guest editor gig I had

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My TOP TEN Sex Toys

Being in the industry I am, people are always asking me about different adult products, especially during my workshops or adult DVD store signings. Following my meet and greets, I’ve played personal shopper for couples or women looking to spice up their love lives. More and more, stores now have a boutique environment where people can browse at their own speed, talk to some really knowledgeable salespeople, and even feel the texture or strength of vibrations of a toy, or even try out lube… on their hands, that is. 😉

Even though my favorites have changed and evolved over the years as technology has advanced, there are some products that really do stand out, and I’d like to share them with you. In no particular order, here are my current TOP TEN favorite sex toys:


1) The Pocket Rocket – Quite well known, this mini vibe is small, but really does the trick. It is quiet and discreet, perfect for clitoral stimulation alone or during penetration. This is often the first toy that women introduce into partner play.


2) Sqweel – Please believe me when I say that this toy comes VERY close to the feel of actual cunnilingus. All you need to do is add batteries and your favorite lube, choose your speed, lay back, and enjoy again and again. If someone would have simply told me about this, I wouldn’t be so sure. This palm-sized black case with pink tongues in a circle doesn’t look the way it feels at all, but then again, who REALLY knows what heaven looks like?


3) The Bodywand – A handheld massager with different sized models comes in rechargeable or plug in, and it delivers the goods! Its rounded head is flexible enough to fit where you need it the most. If you’re craving more, they also come with attachments sold separately, from a rabbit head to a G Spot stimulator.


4) Evi – After watching a workshop with the amazing Ducky Dolittle, I became a fan of this Kegel exerciser. Though it does not vibrate, it does do some pretty interesting things as it’s inside you, rubbing on your G Spot and training those mighty Kegels.  You can also use it on your clit. It’s quite cool looking, and yes, it comes with instructions.


5) Moka G-Vibe – As I was preparing for my “Guide to Wicked Sex G Spot and Female Ejaculation” Instructional, I realized that while I had occasional G-Spot orgasms with a partner, I had never had one on my own.  I needed way more practice if I was going to be of any real help. Enter the Moka G Vibe. Mine is purple, and the slightly flat, yet still curved vibe is the right size and shape to stimulate that much sought after place. I recommend trying different angles and thrusting, or maybe even try dragging it across your G. I was glad I had put towels down!


6) Isla (from Lelo) – A luxury vibe that impresses from the first glance. It’s black and gold, sleek and rounded softly to fit your curves. The easy to grip handle is perfect for my often-slippery fingers. With 6 modes and a long lasting charge, you can use it again and again. The packaging is gorgeous too!


7) Love Handle G Spot Vibrator from Evolved – There are many reasons why I love this toy – it’s the perfect size, it fits my curves, and there are 7 different functions. It’s not overwhelmingly big, and its handle is at just the right angle so you can easily reach your G Spot (or someone else’s). It is also waterproof, which will come in handy, what with all that squirting you might be doing.


8) Pure Plug 2.0 by njoy – I love anal sex, but(t) sometimes anal toys are tough to choose between because we all have different preferences. If you are into or even interested in trying a metal buttplug, this one is sublime. I love the feel of cold metal drenched in a silicon lube. This toy is just the right size and has a convenient handle for solo anal play OR for sharing. The weight of the metal is another attraction as well, so experiment with different positions when it’s inside you and let gravity do its job.


9) Alise from NS Novelties – This super smooth & QUIET vibe is very flexible. In fact, that was the first thing I thought when I opened the package. It’s made from silicone and is rechargeable. There are simply 2 buttons on it. One is the on/off switch, and the other controls the functions. I got so carried away I lost count of every different thing it did to me, but it’s flexibility (and mine) certainly played a great part. It can be used for internal or external stimulation, and for me, both are equally amazing with this toy.


10) ANY dong by Tantus – I know that this is a bit vague, but if you’re looking for something remarkable to fit into your harness for strap on play, whether anal or vag, Tantus has something for you. I am such a fan, not only do I use them at work, I have also used them at home. No matter the color, shape or size you need, they have something that will fit your… ummm… NEEDS.