‘jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex’ Gets High Grades with 4 AVN Awards Nominations

‘Female Masturbation,’ ‘G-Spot,’ & ‘Threesomes’ Earn Educational-Release Nods

DECEMBER 17, 2012 — CANOGA PARK, Calif — The acclaimed educational series “jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex” is nominated for four 2013 AVN Awards with “Female Masturbation,” “The G-Spot and Female Ejaculation,” and “Threesomes — Every Man’s Fantasy” all nominated for Best Educational Release. The series is written and directed by Wicked Pictures contract star jessica drake, who is up for Director of the Year (Body of Work).

“I am SO excited about my ‘Guide to Wicked Sex Series’ being nominated for the AVN Awards,’ says jessica drake. “In its second year of existence, to be nominated once again amongst some truly gifted visionaries feels like such an accomplishment. This is also my first year to be recognized as a contender for Best Director Body of Work based on my instructional movies alone. I sincerely thank AVN for the honor, and I thank Wicked for always encouraging me to push myself a little further.”

“The ‘Guide to Wicked Sex’ is a very important line to the company,” Wicked Pictures owner Steve Orenstein states. “It represents our commitment to responsible sexuality. We’re proud jessica created it, and equally as proud to have her represent us with it.”

A fervent educator on sexual health and wellness, jessica drake writes, produces, and directs the video series “jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex.” The series continues to receive excellent reviews from adult industry authorities, while “jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Fellatio” received the 2012 AVN award for Best Educational Release.

In addition to creating this exclusive line of educational DVDs, jessica assists men and women in becoming more sexually aware with Sex for the Wicked Woman, a series of powerful and engaging self-help seminars illuminated by her vast expertise and passion for research.

drake’s speaking seminar experience includes sexuality conference CatalystCon. Event organizer Dee Dennis expresses her congratulations for drake: “I think jessica represents a new direction by bringing together both the porn industry and sex education with ‘Guide to Wicked Sex.’ I’m thrilled to see the industry recognize it with these nominations.”

The AVN Awards will be held January 19, 2013 at The Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. For more information, visit AVNAwards.com.


Speaking at CatalystCon

I sat in my chair listening to the introductions, one by one: Carol Queen. Dr. Robert Lawrence. Ava Mir-Ausziehen, Sex Nerd Sandra Daugherty. They are some very prolific names in the field of Sex Education – authors, doctors, pioneers…and me.


I was introduced by Carol Queen, no less, as a Sex Educator on a panel entitled “Sex Education: Out of the Classroom, Into the Streets.”


This weekend I had the privilege of attending CatalystCon (www.CatalystCon.com), a sex-positive conference in Long Beach. An event created and organized by Dee Dennis, of deedennis.com, it is described as a “safe, non-judgmental space where we can all come together and expand both our knowledge and understanding of the issues that influence sexuality today,” but for me, it was so much more.


The first night of the conference opened with a very unique “Social Lubrication” hosted by Reid Mihalko that had everyone up out of their seats, running around the room spouting random sex facts to total strangers. That gave way to “Sex Rules” with Maria Falzone, who warmed us up with her hysterical humor, only to leave us deep in thought with a very powerful message. The evening culminated with the Opening Keynote Plenary featuring Dr. Marty Klein (who was kind enough not to notice me trembling as I shook his hand), Megan Andelloux, Maggie Mayhem, and Francisco Ramirez. They spoke on Sparking Communication in Sexuality, Activism, and Acceptance, and by the time they were done, everyone in the room was radiating their excitement.


In just three short days, I met some amazing people from many different walks of Sex Ed. People whose books I have read, names I have heard, and classes I have attended. People I had only dreamed of meeting were all under one roof! Not only did I get to speak on a panel, I also got to sit in on as many as I could, and I really wish I could have cloned myself to attend a few more.


I attended “Media Risks: Who Wins?”, Feminist Perspectives on “50 Shades of Grey,” “Teaching Porn, How to be an Ally to Sex Workers,” “A New Monogamy,” “Fat Sex Works,” “Women in the Industry,” and “A Conversation with Anti-Establishment Sex Workers.” My brain was tingling with all of this stimulation. It was three straight days of BRAIN SEX.


On Saturday night, we were also treated to the premiere of a documentary called “How to Lose Your Virginity” by Therese Shechter followed by either Dirty Bingo or Bawdy Storytelling. I chose the latter, and was treated to a host of ridiculously entertaining stories by some of the speakers, and though it was very close, I dare say that Megan Andelloux took the cake with her “Pennies” story. I would give you the juicy details, but my words would never suffice. Couple that with the fact I laughed so hard I almost fell out of my chair, and it would be tough for you to get the full effect. Trust me, it was brilliant.


Speaking on my panel was amazing. To have people listening to me, valuing what i had to say – both because AND despite who I am, was a great experience for me as a Sex Educator. Perhaps I’ll expand on that in another blog, but for now I am simply grateful to have had the experience of CatalystCon, and would love to thank all of the attendees, Wicked Pictures, Wicked Sensual, Adella from Fine Ass Marketing, and most of all, Dee Dennis. I can’t wait for CatalystCon East.