jessica drake Hosts Sex Ed. Workshops at Colorado Fascinations Stores

Modern Sex Educator to Conduct ‘Guide to Wicked Sex’ Anal, Fellatio Seminars in Glendale and Boulder City, May 23 & 24! 

May 20, 2013 – BOULDER, CO – Sexual wellness authority and sex educator jessica drake will appear at the Fascinations store location in Glendale, CO for her “Anal 101: Just the Tip(s)” seminar on Thursday, May 23. drake will also be conducting her “Fellatio: The ABC’s of BJs” workshop at the Boulder, CO Fascinations location on Friday, May 24.

Each presentation will start with an audience-driven discussion and conclude with an open Q-and-A session. For complete details and to RSVP, visit

“Fascinations is one of my favorite adult store chains,” says drake. “It is very sex positive, and it has a great history of awesome seminars for the public. For Valentine’s Day, I did a series of seminars for Fascinations in Arizona, and I’m really looking forward to visiting the stores in Colorado this week and sharing my ‘Guide to Wicked Sex’ series with everyone.”

Through her series of workshops and seminars and her line of instructional DVDs, “jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex,” jessica teaches people to explore their sexuality in a fun, safe, and responsible way.  She teaches how to set boundaries and still have wonderful sex.  She also emphasizes consent, the effects of alcohol, how to say “No,” having safe sex, and how to communicate effectively about sex.

“Each of my workshops is a great opportunity to teach people about sex, and I’m constantly learning as well,” continues drake. “I love audience participation and feedback – it leads me further along my path as a sex educator, helps me develop future seminars, and gives me new ideas for future volumes of my series. I’m grateful to Fascinations and especially its resident sex educator Meghan Krein for having me, and I invite everyone in the area interested in enriching their sex lives to take the time to come and participate in my workshops.”

“jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex” received positive reviews from adult industry authorities including XBIZ, AVN, and The production “jessica drake’s Guide Wicked Sex: Anal” received the 2012 XBIZ award for Specialty Release of the Year, and “jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Fellatio” received the AVN Award for Best Educational Release in 2012.

drake recently spoke at sexuality conference CatalystCon East, March 15-17, where she hosted sessions on Measure B and slut shaming, as well as spoke at the Opening Keynote Plenary Address. She was recently also a guest lecturer at Chapman University at the Psychology 340: Human Sexuality class taught by Assistant Professor David Frederick for the Crean School of Health and Life Sciences, and Pasadena City College at the Humanities 3: Navigating Pornography class taught by Dr Hugo Schwyzer. She is also a noted expert in USA Today’s November 2012 Sexual Health and Wellness supplement.

drake will present her “Anal 101” seminar at 7pm on Thursday, May 23 at Fascinations, 4111 E Virginia Ave, Glendale, CO. On Friday, May 24 at 7pm, drake will present her “Fellatio” seminar at Fascinations, 2560 28th St, Boulder, CO.

For more information about jessica drake’s appearances and sex education seminar series, visit

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