Reviews for jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex educational line of DVDs:

“Watching her DVDs was fun, informative, and sexy all at once…Covering fellatio, anal sex, female masturbation, anal play for men and threesomes, drake uses real couples and porn stars to simulate scenes, as well as hard core sex scenes at the finale, to illustrate the point.”

–Vanessa Pinto, writer,


“Sexy but professional, [drake] drops a great deal of science without appearing-as some sex-ed presenters do – like it’s a lecture…she is also savvy enough to not distract her audience by stealing the show.”

–Gram Ponante, Senior Erotic Consultant, Fleshbot


“jessica drake explains the basics of female anatomy and masturbation with clear language and a calm, gentle tone, without pandering or talking down to her audience.”

–Darklady, Reviewer & Writer, AVN Media Network


“The overall tone for the female viewer is calming and accepting, and drake does a good job at creating a safe learning space within the production.  The demonstrations are good and shot well to instruct newbies in various techniques.”

–Heather Namkioshi, Reviewer, AVN Media Network


“[jessica drake] connects with people through her friendly and personal approach.”

XBIZ Media


“jessica’s experienced background in conducting sex seminars globally, hosting her own Playboy Radio show, as well as being able to connect with people through her friendly and personal approach has fully prepared her for this passion of hers.  She is someone who is easy to talk to on sexual matters.  Unlike other sex experts, jessica is always soothing and never intimidating.”

–Apache Warrior, Reviewer,


“jessica does a great job of conveying the information in an easily digestible fashion while at the same time displaying her vast knowledge of sex and its techniques.  I would suggest picking this up and adding it to your instructional library.”

–Christina, Editor,


“Both women and men can learn from and be inspired by the illustrative segments within the main body of the feature, as well as its three accompanying [scenes]…Excellent instructional release.”

–Heather Namikoshi, Reviewer, AVN Media Network


“The down-to-earth dialogue and instructions create a very comfortable atmosphere for the viewer to watch and digest the information… The sexual display(s) by the performers during the instructional portion of this film are important factors in creating this more intimate mood. Overall, it’s the best anal instructional film that I have ever seen.”

–Apache Warrior, Reviewer,


“jessica drake is the knowledgeable, experienced, and articulate guide to the mysteries of the female ejaculation.  She explains exactly where the G-spot is inside the vagina…”

–Jared Rutter, Reviewer & Writer, XBIZ Media


“Drake’s guide tries to straddle the line between being “Wicked” and being female-friendly…it’s not damaging or malicious, the orgasms are authentic, and it’s a straight-forward introduction to these types of guides for people who might be intimidated or overwhelmed by edgier stuff.”

–Louise Lagris, Reviewer, Fleshbot


“Like previous volumes in this series, the interviews are candid, open, very honest and also very helpful in understanding about pleasure zones, the whys and wherefores…The scenes are well done, sensual, sexual and not rushed but done in a manner that any man or woman can learn from and enjoy. This is an exceptional series that can enhance your sexual life and lead you into new areas of pleasure you didn’t think possible.”

–Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor, NightMoves Magazine & AllAdultNews


“drake is throughout a calm guide, and her words are informative…undeniably refreshing for people used to watching porn’s version of masturbation”

–Gram Ponante, Senior Erotic Consultant, Fleshbot


“jessica drake’s “Guide To Wicked Sex : Fellatio” is narrated not unlike an article in Cosmo…though, we really get a lot of great advice that I wish Cosmo would actually include.”

–Sailor Ripley, Reviewer, Fleshbot


“Lucky for you, Wicked contract player jessica drake has created a video guide that aims to demystify anal sex with frank discussion, tips, and, of course, demonstrations.”

–Nelson X, Reviewer, XBIZ Media

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