Sex in the News Recap, Week of Feb. 26, 2016

How Sex is Good For Your Psychological Health by Psychology Today: As if you needed another reason to have sex, here’s a few more ways sex affects your psychological health in a positive way, according to research:

Couples Who Have More Sex Do These Things by Sex is more than a physical act, especially if you’re in a relationship. Doing certain activities can bring the two people closer together and strengthen the relationship, which in turn will make it much easier to have a satisfying sex life for both partners. This article highlights nine things you can do to achieve a better sex life, outside of the bedroom:

Sex Drive Startup Gets Swedes Excited by There’s nothing wrong with getting some help if you have erectile dysfunction, but unfortunately some guys don’t get the help they need to have a great sex life. De-stigmatizing the problem is a great way to go about it, and you can read about how one company is working to solve the issue here:

Judith Glover Talks Sex and Design by There’s no doubt sex toys can enhance your sex life. Get an inside look at a designer who is looking to improve the sex toy industry here:



Interview With the Las Vegas Sun on Condom Law


I was interviewed for the following article for It originally posted on Thursday, February 18th:

“Top XXX actress Jessica Drake led today’s 100-strong contingent of porn stars and filmmakers at the California Occupational Safety & Health hearings in Oakland that seek to expand statewide regulations so that condoms, dental dams and goggles become mandatory during L.A. adult filming.Many of the porn stars at last month’s AVN and Adult Entertainment Expo at the Hard Rock Hotel said adult-entertainment studios would move to Las Vegas if the rules were implemented.”

Sex in the News Recap, Week of Feb. 19, 2016

Here’s the sex in news from this past week:

University Survey Finds Drop In Condom Use Among Students:

Obama Kills Funding for Abstinence-Only Sex Education:

These Are the Most Common Sex Related Injuries:

California Workplace Safety Board Rejects Mandatory Condoms for Porn Actors:

Sex in the News Recap, Week of Feb. 8, 2016

There is quite a lot going on this week!

Sex As You Age from the Washington Post:
Sexual health is so important to your health, even as you age. Sex is tied to overall health through releasing hormones in the brain, which help cognitive function:

Michigan Passes Anal Sex Ban from
It’s disappointing, but it looks like Michigan is going to pass a bill banning anal sex. It’s unconstitutional, and everyone has a right to what they like sexually. The fight for equality is still ongoing:

Sex Toy in the Oscars Gift Bag from The Guardian:
I love this. Sex toys are a great way to have fun:

Sexual Assault at Cornell from ABC News:
This story is about a sexual assault at Cornell involving a fraternity president, highlighting the “culture of drinking” as a leading cause to this big problem on college campuses. It’s always important to be safe and leave a situation if you don’t feel comfortable. Going out with friends who will watch out for you and watching your drink is a good idea:

An Adult Film Star’s Guide to the Female Orgasm: Expert Tips from Jessica Drake

I wrote the following article for It originally posted on January 2nd, 2016:


Orgasms are FANTASTIC.

They feel amazing. They’re a great release for built-up stress and tension, and they can work better than a sleeping pill for some. They’re able to lift your mood and help you bond with your lover. But, for the fairer sex, the female orgasm can also be really elusive.

Women often tell me, in whispers, that they can’t orgasm with a partner. They wonder what they’re doing wrong, and they usually end up faking it, either to get it “over with” or because they don’t want to cause hurt feelings. Most are assuming that vaginal orgasms during penetration are the “norm” (I hate that word!), and that they’re the anomaly. I spend lots of time assuring them that they’re mistaken: While *some* women are able to have vaginal orgasms, G-spot orgasms, anal orgasms, nipple or other erogenous-zone orgasms, the reality is that over 80% of women orgasm via clitoral stimulation.

Let. That. Sink. In.

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An Adult Film Star’s Guide to Foreplay: 7 Tips from Jessica Drake

I wrote the following article for It originally posted on December 2nd, 2015:


I think foreplay gets a bad rap. It’s become cliché—even I’ve used analogies like “preheating the oven” and “warming up the race car before taking it out for record-setting laps.” Despite what we might see in adult movies, though, the reality is that foreplay is something we all need … not just women.
Here are the reasons why, along with some additional foreplay ideas that are outside the box.

Start the fun before you’re even together.

Foreplay builds excitement and anticipation. It can tease, or it can promise. We all like to feel desired, so when we get texts, emails, pictures, or phone calls from our lovers, we know they’re thinking about us. This tends to make us think about them. Make contact during a workday or when they’re out of town. You don’t even have to be in the same room (or the same state!) for foreplay to begin.

Have ‘brain sex.’

When you’re together, foreplay doesn’t have to start as overtly sexual. Sex is mental in so many ways, so appease your S.O.’s senses with an amazing meal, a glass of wine, and some conversation. If this isn’t something you do on a regular basis, it might seem forced in the beginning, but once you both relax, expect connectivity in shared conversation. I call this brain sex, and it’s some of my favorite foreplay.

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Sex with Robots?

With a growing presence in pop culture, the question on whether humans should have sex with robots has risen yet again.

Experts at the Web Summit technology conference in Dublin recently warned about the dangers of humans getting intimate with robots.

A researcher who launched a “campaign against sex robots” commented that “we are losing our sense of humanity.”

To read more about humanity’s possible sexual future with robots, visit

Margaret Cho Talks About Sex Work

When you think of grandma and grampa, you probably don’t think about them getting it on- but they are. Ever-changing technology affects our sexual health, even as we age. EVERYONE needs Sex Ed.

Last month, comedian Margaret Cho released a tweet that raised eyes eyebrows across the Twittersphere.

“Sex work is simply work. For me it was honest work. I was a sex worker when I was young. It was hard but well paid. There’s no shame in it.”

Cho first worked as a phone sex operator, then as a dominatrix, before becoming a comedienne and is hoping to champion to change current sex worker laws.

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California Sex Education Approach

While California just passed a bill mandating Sex Ed in schools, the rest of the U.S. needs help too. The CDC has done more research on teens and sex, with some good news but more bad news.

For the most part, school sex education laws vary significantly across the United States. In light the recent uproar at the Clark County School District, where parents got upset over closed door meetings on sex-ed held by school officials, a new report has been released by the Guttmacher Institute comparing how Clark Country’s curriculum compares against five other districts.

Read the report compiled by The Las Vegas Sun to find out more: