The Secret of Lingerie

Feminine, delicate, lace, faux leather, flirty, sexy – no matter what adjective you use to describe it, or what material your lingerie is made of – your choice of selection says a lot about you. Despite being a personal item most of the world isn’t privy to, just the simple knowledge of the black bra, matching panties and garter belt hugging the curves underneath your dress can give you an extra boost of confidence. When wearing new lingerie or intimates for the first time, a woman can’t resist adding an extra spring in her step or a switch in her hips. Plus, as an additional perk, your significant other will appreciate you, and the way your body looks, even more – adding spice to your love life and excitement to your bedroom games. After all, it’s often said that “a well tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men.” Well, if your man turns you on in his suit, shouldn’t you want to return the favor?


Regardless of your tastes or personal kinks, there are three lingerie staples that are classically perfect for turning your man on, and making you feel incredibly sexy. Read on to find out:

1) Black is the New Black: Black lingerie will never go out of style and it will forever be seductive, suggestive and erotic. When you add the mysteriousness of the color with the right materials – silk for example – it creates a wonderful aura of sexiness. Ooze it and own it.

2) Simplicity: We women love our straps, bows and fringes, but it’s its hard to get it on, it’ll be just that much harder to get it off. The former may be fine for days when you just want to admire yourself in all your finery, but for your honey’s sake – keep the removal process simple. You’ll thank me for it later.

3) Attitude: As I stated earlier in the post, a large part of wearing lingerie revolves around how it makes you feel about yourself. If you feel sexy, don’t be afraid to show it. Have fun in your boudoir wear. Your man will appreciate the extra spunkiness.

Whether red lingerie is your preference, or black, nude or even pink, the most important part is to buy pieces that make you feel both beautiful and comfortable. Experiment with a couple of different pieces, and have options that match your mood. You’ll be surprised at how a little piece of fabric can make you feel like a brand new woman. Have fun girls, and happy hunting.


Long Distance Relationships: Skype Sex 101

Long distance relationships are tough. Obviously, trust is mandatory, but other variables such as honesty, communication, compromise, and creativity often come into play – adding spark and spice to relationships lacking in frequent physical accessibility.

However, what exactly is the solution to a lack of physical activity? After all, sexual stimulation is just as important as a mental connection, right? Enter, Skype – the visual technology helping long-distance couples keep their relationships hot and steamy! Curious yet? Check out a few essential rules for Skype sex.


1) Play up the visual: Unlike in person, couples can’t taste, smell, or touch each other over Skype. To make up for it, put your visual imaginations into overdrive! Ladies, put on some sexy lingerie. Men, take off your shirt. Turn your partner on – visually!

2) Stay in the frame/establish good lighting: Breaks are sometimes necessary, but if you’re going to Skype a person, at least make it easy for them to see you! Select a spot that clearly illuminates your body and your face, and pay attention to the camera – stay in the frame!

3) Incorporate toys: Here comes the visual aspect again. It doesn’t get any hotter than watching someone play with their toys. Be a tease; let your partner see how/what kind of toys turn you on.

4) Clean your room: A dirty bed is such a turn off. No one likes a slob; make your space appealing before you turn the camera on.

5) Make eye contact: While Skyping with your partner try looking directly into the camera. Making eye contact during an erotic experience is a huge turn on!

Skyping with your sweetie can be a sure-fire way to turn up the heat in your long-distance relationship, and if you follow these tips, you’ll both racing home to catch your next video date. Have fun and enjoy the video sexing.


Sexy Couples Games for the Cold Season

As the weather turns colder and the days grow shorter, most people find themselves avoiding the extra nip in the air by spending more time together indoors. Initially this may seem like a good idea for live-in couples, but what about when cabin fever sets in and even your favorite activities seem tired and unappealing?

Don’t succumb to the listlessness. Despite being cooped up indoors, there are plenty of sexy at-home games/ tricks to keep your minds and bodies occupied. Check out a few of my favorites below!


1) Take a Bubble Bath… Together

Gather some of your most intoxicating aphrodisiacs – scented soaps, rose petals, bath crystals, and soothing oils – and fill your bathtub up with hot, bubbling water. Light a few candles around the bathroom’s perimeter and make a playlist of your favorite sexy songs. When it’s all ready, invite your lover in to join you. Water and erotic smells make for amazing chemistry! 😉

2) Truth or Dare – The Adult Version

As a teenager, the game of “Truth or Dare” was probably something you played at parties or at get-togethers with friends, but as an adult you can take it to the next level. Add a bit of spice to an indoor night by reviving the classic game with a racy, sexual twist. Let your significant other challenge you to a simple dare, such as donning sensual lingerie or silk boxer briefs, or to go a step further by requesting a sexual act – i.e. “I dare you to perform ‘fill in the blank.’” Your “truth” questions could be things that have been burning in your mind or simple yet provocative teasing ploys. Either way, you and your partner will be sure to get a lot of laughs – and other things – before the night is over.

3) Edible Body Painting

Spread sheets on the floor that you don’t mind getting “messy” and prepare to unleash your artistic, erotic side. Karma Sutra produces a line of delectable chocolate body paints, including “Dark Chocolate Raspberry” and “Rich Caramel,” which you can use to draw designs on your partner’s body (and then lick or kiss off) – or you can simply use sweet syrups such chocolate or strawberry sauce. As an additional option, you can also purchase body paint from craft stores, such as Michael’s, but you won’t be able to enjoy (and taste) the fruits of your labor afterwards.

4) Cooking Together – Naked

There’s something very erotic about doing domestic activities while in the nude, and cooking is no exception. To make the most of this activity, plan a meal you and your honey can prepare together and then launch into it, wearing only an apron. By the time the meal is finished and you two have dined together, you’ll both be ready for dessert!

5) Bed Island

Gather your favorite supplies (sex toys, lube, blind folds, edible underwear, and anything else that turns you on), and then set sail for your bed. Once you get there, you and your honey are “trapped” on the bed island. You both get bathroom passes, but that’s it. Now, have fun, you flirty castaways, you!

6) Strip Board Game

Create a fun, adults-only version of a classic board game. If it’s Monopoly, instead of “paying” with colorful play money when you land on a “hotel,” how about losing an item of clothing? You can do this with virtually any board game, and the best part is getting to make up your own rules. Of course, the winner of should receive an extra special, simmering prize.

Be open to exploring new and exciting ways of occupying together-time and don’t let the cold weather stop you from having fun! You know what they say, the couple who plays together, stays together.


Naughty, but Oh, so Nice Holiday Gift List

With the holiday season upon us, gift-buying procrastinators are either racking their brains for last minute presents or scrounging the stores for the best deals. Shopping for friends and family members is hard enough, but what about that “special someone” – your womanly significant other? Should you get her something sweet and sentimental, or something sexy and sassy you both can enjoy?


If you’re leaning towards the latter, then allow me to steer you in the right direction with my top five “naughty” holiday gift picks for those nice enough in the bedroom to deserve them. After all, the key to a long and successful relationship is communication and mutual respect, along with fiery hot sexual chemistry. Check out my list below!

1) We Vibe 4 Plus:

We Vibe 4 Plus is a compact, body-hugging vibrator that can be used by couples to connect them in new, exciting ways. Curved to fit a woman’s body and fit snugly in place, the We Vibe 4 Plus is equipped with an app adding smartphone control and a wireless remote offering intensity and mode configuration. It can be used together during sex – providing extra stimulation to her clitoris and G-spot – or continents apart when operated by the WiFi/ cellular data connected control. In this way, one can play and please their lover from anywhere in the world!

2) Revel Body SOL:

Revel Body SOL is a powerful clitoral vibrator featuring TrueSonic technology and is the only vibrator available operating at the frequency of Om – the energy that connects and joins all things together. Perfect for body massage and clitoral stimulation, one can roll it on the body or use the vibrating tip, which varies from thumpy and powerful to fast and “buzzy.” It also comes with three redesigned and improved tips for customized performance and a new QuietCore piston for quieter operation. To top it all off, the Revel Body SOL is completely waterproof and designed for underwater suction and vibration when using the device’s backside.

3) Wicked Sensual Care’s Collections of Lubes

From the “Aqua” water-based and paraben-free lubricants – containing flavors such as Candy Apple, Salted Caramel, and Pomegranate – to the “Ultra” line of fragrance-free, “heat,” or “chill” silicone lubes, Wicked Sensual Care Collection adds easy, silky spice to the bedroom. Wicked Care “Sensations” lubes are designed to enhance the entire experience, and “Specialty” products such as “Jelle” address specific needs required of fun anal play, or anywhere you need your lube to have serious staying power. Take your pick and discover which lubes work best for you!

4) NS Novelty’s “Sinful” Line of Bondage Products

If you’re into kinks, NS Novelty offers a line of “Sinful” sexy restraints, cuffs and collars that can be used with your partner. Designed in faux leather and other materials, these accessories offer both comfort and bounding restraint with an economically friendly price point.

5) Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Simulator

As the closest comparable thing to what real-life cunnilingus feels like, the Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Simulator is my final stocking topper. Featuring a spinning wheel with 10 “lapping” silicone tongues, three varying speeds, and a flicker function that delivers incredible orgasms, the Sqweel 2 is the perfect gift for your oral loving honey.

Hope these help – they all have my stamp of sexual approval!


Sharing a Sexual Fantasy with a Partner

Sexual fantasies are natural and normal. They’re emotionally and physically stimulating, and sometimes acting on these desires can be incredibly liberating.

Confessing a seemingly taboo thought to your lover can lead to greater intimacy – and exhibition without judgment deepens trust. Sharing a fantasy with your partner is an opportunity to learn about each other – and reignite your sex life – by venturing into new spaces. It’s normal to feel vulnerable with this experience, so I’ve outlined a few steps to help ease into the conversation.


Establish a Clear Space – Before Sex:

Sharing your private sexual thoughts can be a nerve-wracking experience. It’s important to establish open and honest communication with your partner, so even if you’re on the receiving end of a secret, neither party feels uncomfortable or judged. Listen with an open mind and be specific when describing your fantasies. Have a fetish for BDSM? BDSM erotic play can range from bondage and discipline, to dominance and submission, to sadism and masochism. What specific features turn you on? Is it one or all of them?

Communicate your expectations for your fantasy before you have sex. While in the middle of intimacy, broaching a new subject can create awkwardness, conflict, discomfort, or worse, kill the entire mood. Are you looking to simply verbally share or would you like to actually explore? Take the plunge and share what you’re into in advance. This way you both have clear expectations of the new adventure.

Dealing with Reactions:

Are you prepared for your partner’s reaction? Let them know its okay not to be “okay” with whatever you present. Everyone has different comfort zones. Perhaps together, the two of you can find a way to re-interpret the fantasy into something doable. If you’re not comfortable with the direct approach, you can always test their reaction through a third-party medium, such as a movie or book. Ask your partner about how they felt about a particular scene in a movie – it’s a simple way to get the topic going and allows your partner to put the fantasy into context.

Remember to keep an open mind. You’ll never know what you two can tackle in the bedroom if you don’t bring it up. Share your fantasy and have fun. Perhaps you’ll both discover something new and sexy about yourselves!


Spice Up Your Marriage on $0 Budget

They say spontaneity is the “spice” of life, so how about adding a bit of unexpectedness to keep your marriage fresh, new, and invigorating?

Over time, it’s very common for marital sex becomes routine and predictable, but it doesn’t have to be. Seducing your husband can be as easy as incorporating normal home activities with fun and interesting twists.

To start, try a few of the following activities with your hubby. I hope they’ll leave lots of fond memories all over the house.

Fun Tips:

• Rub his cock with your feet while you’re dining at home – even if you’re wearing sweats or pajamas – any time of day, breakfast, lunch or dinner.

• If you’re getting ready to go out, start getting ready 15 minutes earlier than normal and invite your husband to shower with you.

• Make it a point to walk around the house in a see through tank top and panties.

• When you’re watering the lawn or patio plants, accidentally get your t-shirt wet.

• Go braless.

• Drop something and bend over in front of him.

• Invite him to help you cook and wear nothing but an apron.

• During sports, ask him if he’d like to have sex with you during the commercials and every time the game comes back on, make him stop and wait for the next commercial.

• When he’s showering, get naked and sneak in behind him.

• The next time he’s cleaning the kitchen, put on some knee pads and reward him

Let me know how these work! Tweet me at @thejessicadrake or leave a comment here on this blog


*This article originally appeared on as part of a weeklong guest editor gig I had

The Dirty Dozen: A Playlist for Lovers

When I was asked to create a playlist of the best sex songs somebody suggested calling it “Days of Wine and Vinyl,” which really wasn’t too bad. Then we thought about something like “The Sexiest Songs Ever Recorded.” You know, a list of the usual funky classics, trotted out once more to thrill the ears and bodies of grateful listeners. But somehow it just sounded too dry and humorless, which would never do.

But “The Dirty Dozen” is kinda nice, don’t you think? Mainly, it feels good, is snappy and concise, and it doesn’t bury the lead – after all, everyone appreciates a good collection of sick beats when setting the mood. But the title also relates directly (and cleverly) to the focus of this list. What we did, see, was compile a list of a hundred titles we felt would satisfy loved-up, yoga-toned, barely dressed ravers just as easily as fans of techno and house. Then, with scissors sliding about in our sweaty hands and tears of regret in our eyes, we snipped away nearly ninety of our choices, including classics like “How Many Licks,” (sorry, Lil’ Kim), “Justify My Love,” (likewise, Madonna), and “Closer” (and you too, Trent Reznor).

Our sorrow was tempered, though, by the obvious necessity of the amputation. We had to make room for twelve of the most seductive tunes available in digital music libraries. Because whether one wants to set the mood on the dance floor or in the bedroom, the tunes on this playlist have stood the test of time.

10) “Red Light Special,” TLC
TLC cut some exquisite R&B singles in their day, and this is one of the best. Whether you think of it as bedroom music or just a great mood setter, it’s amazing how they get from “I’ll let you touch it if you’d like to go down / I’ll let you go further if you take the southern route” all the way to “If you want it tonight just come through my door / Take off my clothes and turn on the red light.”

9) “AA XXX,” Peaches
A proto-feminist anthem, this leans toward the playlist’s dance-oriented side, as do most of the newer songs. Memorable lines: “Rocking me all night, flexing his might / Doing it right, keeping me tight, taking a bite out of the Peach tonight.”

8) “Moments of Love,” The Art of Noise
Want some exotica to use as a backdrop to experimentation? This is made to order, pulling you into the groove with one of the sexiest beats ever coaxed from a keyboard.

7) “Angel,” Massive Attack
You made not recognize the title, but you’ve likely heard this song before, in films like Snatch and on the soundtracks of TV shows like Burn Notice and The Following. An intense mood setter that blends hypnotic beats with breezy lyrics that don’t get in the way but are there if you want them. Also give a listen to the bass.

6) “Wicked Game,” Chris Isaak
Melody comes to the fore here, sweeping over a haunting backdrop. Powerful singing and sensual lyrics challenge one of the greatest videos ever shot for the Highlight of Song Award. Hey, is that Duane Eddy on twang guitar?

5) “Glory Box,” Portishead
Shades of trip-hop, shades of symphonic metal…bedroom anthems just don’t get much better than this Goth take on Isaac Hayes’ “Ike’s Rap II.” Beth Gibbon’s seductive vocals give urgency to lyrics like “leave it to the other girls to play…I’ve been a temptress too long.”

4) “Womanizer,” Lily Allen
This fantastic cover of Britney Spears’ dancehall anthem is more heavy than happy, taking Spears’ up-town hooks and giving them an indie makeover. With Lily Allen’s precocious vocals, it’s got everything a hit single needs: It takes a long time to hear the words, it gets a little shorter every time you hear it, and it sounds as good in a club’s VIP section as it does in the bedroom.

3) “Pour It Up,” Rihanna
Moody and dark, this sensual track reinvents the strip-club anthem, adding hip hop beats and sparse instrumentation to Rihanna’s sultry declarations of independence. Critics may have been quick to lament lyrics like “Strippers going up and down that pole / I still got my money,” but the track caught the attention of self-described dissident feminist Camille Paglia, who praised Rihanna for “using a strip club as a hallucinatory metaphor for an identity crisis about sex and materialism.

2) “Sex Never Felt Better,” TGT
A priceless R&B groove created by three masters of the form: Tank, Ginuwine and Tyrese. The centerpiece of TGT’s debut album “Three Kings,” this slow-burner casts subtlety to the wind with lyrics like “in the bed or on the floor, your body’s begging me for more.”

1) “Crash Into Me,” Dave Matthews Band
This staple of 90s FM radio was all things to all people: Some saw it as a paean to traditional romance while others insisted it was about anonymous voyeurism. As usual, both parties were right, with Matthews acknowledging the voyeuristic perspective while citing his wife Ashley as the song’s inspiration. “Hike up your skirt a little more / And show the world to me.” A great song, brilliant execution. This one absolutely had to top the list.


*This article originally appeared on as part of a weeklong guest editor gig I had

Elusive and Amazing: Female Ejaculation

According to some people, one of the hottest things a woman can do is to ejaculate during orgasm. But to a lot of women, the whole concept of “female ejaculation,” also called squirting, is confusing and maybe even a little freaky. Here’s some info to help clear the record once and for all about female ejaculation:

• Female ejaculation is definitely not a myth! It happens to so many more women than you could imagine, and a lot of people are incredibly turned on by it.

• The more aroused you are, the more likely you are to ejaculate – so make sure you’re all warmed up. If your partner is helping you feel aroused, communicate. Let them know what works for you and what doesn’t to get those juices flowing!

• Have your partner locate and start stimulating your G-spot. Use small, repetitive circular movements to start. Once the G-spot starts to swell in size, keep going, and start increasing pressure a little at a time. You’re probably going to feel like you might have to pee, but don’t worry – you won’t.

• Next, have your partner increase the intensity and speed in a way that’s comfortable for you. What works really great is to be as relaxed as possible, so you can concentrate on the sensations and let yourself go. Remember to breathe, and keep going until you reach the point of orgasm.

• Female ejaculation feels different for every woman. You might not feel anything at all! Similar to how a guy can feel all sorts of different things when his cock is stimulated in a variety of ways, it’s the same way with G-spot orgasms. Every orgasm is different, and every woman feels something different if and when she ejaculates! Some say it feels like a regular orgasm. Others feel a sensation similar to urination (although the fluid that comes out is definitely NOT pee!), and still others feel nothing at all except for additional wetness.

• So what actually happens to the body when female ejaculation takes place? The Skene’s gland, which is located on the upper wall of the vagina, fills up with fluid during arousal. When the G-spot is stimulated to the point of orgasm, it can cause a gush-like release of fluid. There’s no actual scientific evidence why this happens for some women and not others. Similar to how everyone’s orgasm is different, the same goes for female ejaculation. Some women squirt with distance (like guys), and some only get an increased splishy-splashy feeling. So if you don’t squirt, or if you don’t have something that looks like a geyser, there’s absolutely nothing wrong. It’s different for everyone.

• If you don’t ejaculate the first (or second, or third) time you have a G-spot orgasm, don’t worry! Sometimes a g-spot orgasm will not have a gush to go along with it, but it’ll still be incredibly intense.

• The general response from sex partners of those who ejaculate is they think it’s amazing. Making someone’s body do something involuntarily is incredibly sexy! It’s similar to seeing your guy ejaculate during an orgasm. For both men and women, who are generally very, very visual creatures, seeing pleasure in this way can be a huge turn-on.

So yes, female ejaculation is a real thing. Try a few techniques to see if you’re able to squirt, and add it to your bedroom play – and if it doesn’t happen, it’s still a whole lot of fun exploring your G-spot!

For even more information, including techniques on how to achieve your own ejaculatory orgasm, check out “Guide to Wicked Sex: G-Spot & Female Ejaculation.”


*This article originally appeared on as part of a weeklong guest editor gig I had

One Night Stands Are Simply Auditions

Adult superstar Nina Hartley once said, “I don’t have one night stands, I have auditions. If you don’t get a call back, you didn’t make the cut.” Casual sex doesn’t exist, mostly. After a one-night stand, more than half of women and men hope to trigger a longer relationship. However, one-night stands can be fun and healthy, whether you’re seeking a relationship or not.

Benefits of a one-night stand include heightened chances of a vaginal orgasm, due to a flood of new hormones you’ll get from a fresh partner; a boost of self-confidence after a break-up; and post-coital feelings of empowerment and accomplishment. But, of course, there’s room for potential mishaps.

Here are the guidelines:

Be ready for a one-night stand. A study by Psychologist Anne Campbell from the Durham University in England found after a night of unattached sex, “80 percent of men had overall positive feelings, while just 54 percent of women had positive feelings.” When you give yourself sexually to someone, but they see you only for a night, make sure you have the prerequisite confidence, ease, and emotional durability. Besides, if they don’t call you within a week, think: “NEXT!”

Pick someone hot and sober. If they’re blubbering drunk, leave them with their friends – you don’t want to deal with that. If you end up at their place anyway — because you’re human and horny — give them water, an advil, and leave. Having intelligent conversation and consensual, A-grade sex with a drunk is impossible. Find someone responsible and super sexy.

Be honest. You might only want a one-night stand, but your new friend might be ready for some glorious, emotionally attached sex. Stop them. “Only you can prevent wildfires.” Tell them you aren’t looking for something serious, and please don’t wait until after you rub bodies! On your dating profile, indicate precisely what you’re looking for, i.e. casual sex. That way emotionally “thirsty” people will know what to and what not to expect.

Go their place. This is so you can make a quiet exit. If your friend didn’t make the cut for your “audition,” you can avoid worrying about them lingering in your home. But before agreeing to sleep at their place, ask if they live with anyone that may intrude your romp, like dogs, mothers, or Craigslist roommates…

If you two end up coming back to your home, be a good host. Offer them food or a drink the night before and a cup of coffee the next morning.

Be safe and use protection. There’s no way of double-checking their clean STD results, so wrap up. Make sure you’ve carried your male/female condoms in a compact container, such as an Altoids tin; leaving condoms in your wallet or back pocket might tear them. Concerning other safety precautions, have a friend take a picture of you two – for “fun” – before you leave the bar.

Get yours. You deserve the utmost pleasure. Communicate all your sexual needs. He’s not licking you right? Tell him. She keeps calling you “adorable,” and it’s annoying? Tell her. One-night stands are a great opportunity to confess your sexual fantasies, to experiment, and to learn from someone new.

Be polite. It is a privilege to share bodies with someone and absolutely not a God-given right. Be respectful throughout the night, and in the morning, say thank you.

Something more. When we peer into the future an old age, and when we look back at the past, recounting heartbreaks, we tend to crave consistency. We crave long lasting bonds. Be open to the idea of having a spontaneous sleepover again … but with the same person. If you two laughed a bunch, clicked, and the sex was great, why not pursue something more? If not, the one-night stand will leave you a lifetime guarantee of a devilish smile when you look back.

Be safe!

*This article originally appeared on as part of a weeklong guest editor gig I had

Sweeten up your Sex : Why I like Flavored Lubes

As you may know, lubrication is an essential part of sex. Without it, the vagina can become chafed, irritated, and unhappy. While vaginas lubricate themselves naturally during arousal, not all women produce enough of their honey, causing sex to become difficult. According to researchers at the University of California in Santa Barbara, approximately 40% of women in the US have experienced inadequate lubrication during sex — that’s millions of women yelling, “I’m not wet enough!”

Lube isn’t only for people with kinky, gorilla-like sex lives. The reality is that many women have trouble naturally lubricating, leading to uncomfortable and even painful sex. Adding lube can enhance sexy time, whether you need a little help getting wet or are all good to go. Every woman is different, and so is her vagina. Women really want to have sex, but sometimes we can’t get our vaginas on the same page.

There are many different reasons women experience dryness. Any negative emotions during sexual activity can prevent vaginal wetness. Stress can cause the body to produce higher levels of epinephrine, a hormone that interferes with the body’s sexual response cycle and thus impedes vaginal lubrication. Release the gunk harboring your mind! Taking a warm bath, lighting some candles, having a romantic dinner with your partner, and giving each other massages are all effective ways to calm down and set the mood. If you still need a little help to get wet, reach for the lube and massage some onto you and your partner’s fun parts…

The uses for lube are endless! Use it when playing with your sex toys for added pleasure. It is great for hand jobs; the cooling or warming lubes creates the ultimate stimulating sensation. Flavored lubes are super tasty for oral sex, not to cover up taste or smells but to enhance. Moreover, lube is a MUST for anal!

Lube is for everybody, especially with the added bonus of yummy flavors! It can be used to enhance different sensations, regardless of whether you are already wet or not, and should be within an arm’s reach of the bed at all times…

There are tons of great lubes on the market, just remember that not all lubes are created equal, or right for everyone. While lubes with Glycerin, a thick, sweet-tasting, colorless liquid, are an all-natural option, women prone to yeast infections or men prone to UTIs should consider avoiding it due to the sugar. If you are using condoms, avoid petroleum or oil-based lubes, as it can cause latex to deteriorate. Water-based lubricants are a great alternative, though they are sometimes not as thick as the other lubes. There are silicone-based lubes, which can work very well. It is best to experiment to find a lube that works best for you.


Here are some of my favorite lubes…
● Wicked AQUA Mocha Java has a noticeable coffee flavor, mixed with a chocolaty sweetness—like a Mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks. The silky texture allow for smoother motions and thus an enhanced experience for both partners.
● Wicked AQUA Pomegranate has a unique, sweet flavor with a slightly bitter aftertaste, much like its namesake pomegranate. Drive your partner crazy with one of the best oral experiences of his/her life!
● Wicked AQUA Salted Caramel has the sweetness of caramel accompanied by saltiness. The two flavors perfectly complement each other and allow for a rich caramel treat. Why not use it for playful oral sex before a hot love session?
● Wicked AQUA Vanilla Bean is a perfectly sweet treat for yourself while pleasuring your partner. It tastes like silky, smooth vanilla syrup. Use with toys to pleasure yourself, or with your partner for a sensual oral session.
To spice it up a little more, try mixing different flavors for a heavenly session with your partner. My favorite combos are Pomegranate and Vanilla Bean, and Salted Caramel with Mocha Java.

My favorite personal lubricants, and all the lubes mentioned above, are from the Wicked Sensual Care collection. It includes products with glycerin containing only 100% plant-based derivatives, making each vegan and PETA-compliant. The line also includes several products with the glycerin-free advantage—hypoallergenic Sensitive, Jellé, and an entire silicone-based Ultra line.

Many women experience vaginal dryness due to a variety of factors (stress, negative emotions, medications, etc.), and inadequate lubrication can lead to irritated and chafed labia and vaginal walls. Lube offers a solution for individuals who don’t lubricate enough, don’t lubricate at all, or simply want a sexy and fun addition to their bedroom sessions.

Don’t hesitate to use lube to smoothen and enrich your sexcapades! Remember, it is always better to have lube and not need it, than need lube and not have it.



*This article originally appeared on as part of a weeklong guest editor gig I had