Positions For Anal Sex


I was interviewed for the following article for AskMen.com. It originally posted on Friday, March 5th:

“I recommend side spoon, as it takes the pressure off of both bodies, and also allows for both people to move. This is also a great position for clitoral stimulation as well, which I always suggest for anal play,” says jessica drake, a sex educator and a Wicked Pictures contract star.”

“Another great position can be cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, placing the person on top in charge of the depth and speed of thrusting. It also makes for a great visual, and again, can provide for possible clitoral stimulation,” says Drake.”

Sex in the News Recap, Week of March 3rd, 2016

Public Schools Will See New Sex Education Courses from Rocky Mountain Telegram:
I  love how macomb county is using sex education courses to combat high rates of STDs and Teen Pregnancy: http://www.rockymounttelegram.com/News/2016/03/03/Public-Schools-will-see-new-sex-education-courses.html

The Best Time of Day to Have Sex from Salon:
As the article points out, when isn’t a good time to have sex? All kidding aside, hormones fluctuate throughout the day, so check out this article for more information:

China Bans Sex, Drugs, Witchcraft by The Mirror:
It’s unfortunate to see the Chinese government banning content which could give people pleasure, but it makes me feel fortunate to live in America. Read more at:

Jessica Drake Wants Us All To Have Happier, Healthier Sex Lives


Hi everyone,

Happy leap day! I was featured in an article on Uproxx about helping people have a happier, healthier sex life. It originally posted on February 27th, 2016:

At her sex ed workshops, Jessica Drake passes around a box with the words “live,
laugh, love” printed on it. Inside are index cards of sex questions that people
have written to Jessica under the cover of anonymity. During the workshop, she reads
them out loud, and then answers them with compassion and useful tips from her
experience directing and starring in adult films.

Drake’s workshops are mainly geared towards heterosexual couples, and touch on similar
topics as Jessica Drake’s Guide To Wicked Sex, her line of instructional
DVDs. So the questions tended to reflect the sorts of things that that straight
couples might be interested in, but have no idea how to approach. Case in point: the
majority of the questions when I attended were about how to have anal sex.
Drake addressed the discomfort that men and women might have about the topic with

To read the rest of the article, go to: http://uproxx.com/life/jessica-drake-sex-ed-healthy-relationships/.

Sex in the News Recap, Week of Feb. 26, 2016

How Sex is Good For Your Psychological Health by Psychology Today: As if you needed another reason to have sex, here’s a few more ways sex affects your psychological health in a positive way, according to research:

Couples Who Have More Sex Do These Things by SheKnows.com: Sex is more than a physical act, especially if you’re in a relationship. Doing certain activities can bring the two people closer together and strengthen the relationship, which in turn will make it much easier to have a satisfying sex life for both partners. This article highlights nine things you can do to achieve a better sex life, outside of the bedroom:

Sex Drive Startup Gets Swedes Excited by TheLocal.se: There’s nothing wrong with getting some help if you have erectile dysfunction, but unfortunately some guys don’t get the help they need to have a great sex life. De-stigmatizing the problem is a great way to go about it, and you can read about how one company is working to solve the issue here:http://www.thelocal.se/20160224/sex-drive-startup-gets-swedes-excited

Judith Glover Talks Sex and Design by Core77.com: There’s no doubt sex toys can enhance your sex life. Get an inside look at a designer who is looking to improve the sex toy industry here:



Interview With the Las Vegas Sun on Condom Law


I was interviewed for the following article for lasvegassun.com. It originally posted on Thursday, February 18th:

“Top XXX actress Jessica Drake led today’s 100-strong contingent of porn stars and filmmakers at the California Occupational Safety & Health hearings in Oakland that seek to expand statewide regulations so that condoms, dental dams and goggles become mandatory during L.A. adult filming.Many of the porn stars at last month’s AVN and Adult Entertainment Expo at the Hard Rock Hotel said adult-entertainment studios would move to Las Vegas if the rules were implemented.”

Sex in the News Recap, Week of Feb. 19, 2016

Here’s the sex in news from this past week:

University Survey Finds Drop In Condom Use Among Students:

Obama Kills Funding for Abstinence-Only Sex Education:

These Are the Most Common Sex Related Injuries:

California Workplace Safety Board Rejects Mandatory Condoms for Porn Actors:

Sex Educator & 2016 AVN Mainstream Star of the Year jessica drake Joins the Ranks Of Oprah, Martha Stewart & Rachael Ray with Celeb-Branded Digital Magazine

 Groundbreaking Premiere Issue of “jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex” Now Available For Purchase Exclusively at jessicadrake.skinmagz.com


Los Angeles, CA – (February 15, 2016) – Sexual wellness authority and 2016 AVN Mainstream Star of the Year jessica drake is taking her passion for education to the next level with a groundbreaking publishing venture in conjunction with SkinMagz.com, the world’s first adult digital newsstand. The celebrated Wicked Pictures contract actress and health advocate is expanding the online presence of her award-winning jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex imprint with an interactive digital magazine project, the first of its kind branded to an adult superstar and sexual wellness educator.

Each exciting and informative issue explores a different aspect of human sexuality, with the premiere issue, jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Fellatio, now available exclusively at the digital magazine’s homepage, www.skinmagz.com/jessica-drake/jessica-drake.

“When I began doing my line of instructionals, I knew that I wanted to support them with additional projects that would give viewers even more information,” jessica says of the digital magazine’s genesis. “The magazine is fully interactive, packed with high quality content, photo galleries and videos, plus lots of relationship advice and behind-the-scenes stories about some of my favorite movies. Everything about this project is designed to reflect my core philosophy that we are all in charge of our own sexual satisfaction, and confidence and communication are truly the keys that will help all of us have the sex lives we desire.”

Looking to the future, Ms. drake adds, “Though it is still in its early stages, I believe that in the months ahead the magazine will grow in ways that inspire, arouse, and educate. I am grateful to Wicked President and Owner Steve Orenstein, SkinMagz Managing Director Bob Johnson, and everyone involved in the creative process. I thank them for enabling me to reach more and more people, and keep providing them with realistic, pleasure-based and shame-free Sex Ed.”

The jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex digital magazine is the natural next step in the evolution of the award-winning imprint, a tablet and smartphone-friendly resource for anyone seeking trusted and unbiased information gleaned from jessica’s life of study and experiential research. For more details, visit www.skinmagz.com.

In addition to creating her award-winning line of educational DVDs, jessica assists men and women in becoming more sexually aware by conducting powerful and engaging self-help seminars illuminated by her expertise and passion for research. Audiences across the globe have benefited from the insights of a supportive and compassionate instructor who offers them encouragement, motivation and knowledge.


Sex in the News Recap, Week of Feb. 8, 2016

There is quite a lot going on this week!

Sex As You Age from the Washington Post:
Sexual health is so important to your health, even as you age. Sex is tied to overall health through releasing hormones in the brain, which help cognitive function: https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/heres-why-sex-is-good-for-you-as-you-age-especially-if-youre-a-man/2016/02/08/c2b54718-cabc-11e5-a7b2-5a2f824b02c9_story.html

Michigan Passes Anal Sex Ban from NewNowNext.com:
It’s disappointing, but it looks like Michigan is going to pass a bill banning anal sex. It’s unconstitutional, and everyone has a right to what they like sexually. The fight for equality is still ongoing: http://www.newnownext.com/michigan-senate-passes-bill-making-anal-sex-punishable-by-15-years-in-prison/02/2016/

Sex Toy in the Oscars Gift Bag from The Guardian:
I love this. Sex toys are a great way to have fun: http://www.theguardian.com/film/2016/feb/08/oscars-gift-bag-nominees-200k-breast-lift-sex-toy-japan-holiday

Sexual Assault at Cornell from ABC News:
This story is about a sexual assault at Cornell involving a fraternity president, highlighting the “culture of drinking” as a leading cause to this big problem on college campuses. It’s always important to be safe and leave a situation if you don’t feel comfortable. Going out with friends who will watch out for you and watching your drink is a good idea: http://abcnews.go.com/US/da-cornell-sex-assault-case-condemns-underage-drinking/story?id=36787642

jessica drake Invites Consenting Adult To Learn More About Sex At Los Angeles Workshop


On February 11, Acclaimed Sex Educator & Adult Star Goes ‘Beyond the Birds & the Bees’ During Pre-Valentine’s Day Sex-Ed Discussion!

LOS ANGELES (February 8, 2016) – Wicked Pictures contract performer and sex educator jessica drake is inviting couples to join her for “Be My Wicked Valentine,” a coed evening of sex talk. The pre-Valentine’s Day sexual health and wellness workshop will run from 6 to 9 p.m. on February 11 at The Mattress (10545 Pico Blvd., Los Angeles).

Tickets for jessica drake’s “Be My Wicked Valentine” workshop are available at the door, and are $20 per person, or $30 per couple. Reservations must be made at the event’s Facebook page, found here.

“With Valentine’s Day coming up, this is a great opportunity for couples to join me in a candid, open discussion about all things sex!” drake said. “I’ll share many of my own experiences and the valuable information I’ve collected over the years about trying new things, tips and techniques, how to better satisfy your partner, finding porn you both love, and more. Following our discussion, we’ll have an explicit Q and A where nothing is off limits. It’s the perfect pre-Valentine’s date night!”

As part of the ticket price, the event will feature wine, cheese, beer, chocolates, and appetizers to go along with the frank discussion of sex, relationships, and sexual health. During the two-hour presentation, drake will share her unique experiences, knowledge and expertise for better sex through a varied and comprehensive presentation, which walks the audience through a number of topics. She will lead guests in a revealing discussion about real life sexual situations ranging from erotic techniques and role-playing to product recommendations and personal health.

The acclaimed creator, director, producer and host of the best-selling, award-winning series, “jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex,” has been taking her message of sexual wellness and healthy intimacy around the country through her popular sex education workshops and personal appearances.

Among the discussion topics will be foreplay, which is the subject of the most recent volume of drake’s series, “jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Foreplay.” Other topics include communicating desires, trying new things in bed, body image and confidence, how to make porn work for you, why lube is your best friend, sex tips and tricks, masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, BDSM for beginners, and more.

There will be a question-and-answer session following the event, along with a picture and autograph session with the renowned sex educator.



An Adult Film Star’s Guide to the Female Orgasm: Expert Tips from Jessica Drake

I wrote the following article for StyleCaster.com. It originally posted on January 2nd, 2016:


Orgasms are FANTASTIC.

They feel amazing. They’re a great release for built-up stress and tension, and they can work better than a sleeping pill for some. They’re able to lift your mood and help you bond with your lover. But, for the fairer sex, the female orgasm can also be really elusive.

Women often tell me, in whispers, that they can’t orgasm with a partner. They wonder what they’re doing wrong, and they usually end up faking it, either to get it “over with” or because they don’t want to cause hurt feelings. Most are assuming that vaginal orgasms during penetration are the “norm” (I hate that word!), and that they’re the anomaly. I spend lots of time assuring them that they’re mistaken: While *some* women are able to have vaginal orgasms, G-spot orgasms, anal orgasms, nipple or other erogenous-zone orgasms, the reality is that over 80% of women orgasm via clitoral stimulation.

Let. That. Sink. In.

You can read more of my article here: http://stylecaster.com/female-orgasm-tips-from-jessica-drake/#ixzz3z3XrCwFt