Join jessica drake for Sex Education & Sex Positivity on #SexTalkTuesday


As many of you are aware, May is Masturbation Month, as in yes you May, whenever you want! Thankfully the fine folks of the live Twitter chat community #SexTalkTuesday are ready to celebrate solo, or as a group, and they have extended an invite for me to come and host the May 24th 1016 edition of the chat as an educator and sex positivity practitioner.

“As the star of so many memorable adult films, and a sex positive role model to women who span multiple generations, we knew that Mrs. drake would be the perfect host for what promises to be one of our most popular live chats to date” said Angie Rowntree of‘s #SexTalkTuesday. “When it comes to masturbation, everyone may have their style and approach, but we believe there is near unanimous agreement that jessica drake is a world renowned expert on the topic and we look forward to see what comes of the interaction among our growing audience and one of today’s most approachable sex educators.” 

Sex Talk Tuesday hosts live interactive Twitter chats each week on a variety of topics and features many top names as expert contributors and guests during lively discussions, heated debates and warm exchanges of ideas that are all aimed at improving the sex lives of millions of people from all over the globe.

Just log into your Twitter account and join the excitement as part of the #sexTalkTuesday chat, live from 3 :00- 4:00 Eastern on the 24th of May 2016. I look forward to answering your questions, listening to your input, and learning from your experiences as well, during what I hope will become a recurring event on my schedule, because frankly… if you can’t love yourself properly, well who can?!