Sex in the News Recap, Week of April 22nd, 2016

Oddo Hopes to Provide Cotton Underwear And Sex Ed to Its Customers by Teen
It’s awesome to hear that someone – especially a new company – is taking strides to encourage sexual health and wellness! Read more about Oddo here:

Balancing Act: Juicebox app picks up where sex ed classes leave off by Chicago Tribune:
I love this! So many people, old and young alike learn about sex through avenues other than sex ed, including porn. This app gives great info, along with shared experiences from its users. Read more at:

Let’s Talk: What women really want — female sex myths busted by Indian Express:
Here’s an interesting article featuring scientific research suggesting that some commonly held beliefs may not be as true as you think. Hint: it’s NEVER a good idea to assume someone is one way just because of their gender. Read more at:

James Franco Opens Up About His Sexuality: ‘I’m a Little Gay’ By ETOnline:
So is he or isn’t he? Perhaps we shouldn’t be overthinking it. Read what James said here: