Sex in the News Recap, Week of Feb. 8, 2016

There is quite a lot going on this week!

Sex As You Age from the Washington Post:
Sexual health is so important to your health, even as you age. Sex is tied to overall health through releasing hormones in the brain, which help cognitive function:

Michigan Passes Anal Sex Ban from
It’s disappointing, but it looks like Michigan is going to pass a bill banning anal sex. It’s unconstitutional, and everyone has a right to what they like sexually. The fight for equality is still ongoing:

Sex Toy in the Oscars Gift Bag from The Guardian:
I love this. Sex toys are a great way to have fun:

Sexual Assault at Cornell from ABC News:
This story is about a sexual assault at Cornell involving a fraternity president, highlighting the “culture of drinking” as a leading cause to this big problem on college campuses. It’s always important to be safe and leave a situation if you don’t feel comfortable. Going out with friends who will watch out for you and watching your drink is a good idea: