A Recap of My Appearance at Chapman University

Earlier this week, I had the honor of speaking to a Human Sexuality class at Chapman University with Nina Hartley. The students had already done extensive research on both sides of the porn debate, and they had written papers on whether porn has positive, negative, or neutral effects on men, women, and relationships.

Prior to speaking, Nina and I had no idea who was “pro porn” and who wasn’t, but now in retrospect, I’d love to know if and how their thoughts changed after listening to us and asking us questions. They were a really attentive group, primarily young women, and after Nina and I introduced ourselves, we talked about all kinds of things: consent and boundaries, feminist views on porn, owning our sexuality, orgasms, and much, much more. After we spoke, we took questions from the students and could have easily gone on another hour.

The more questions I hear, the more I realize the public needs more information from reliable sources who can represent the adult business authentically. I love meeting people who are intelligent and willing to listen with open minds, and that’s exactly how Nina and I spent our evening in the company of the students at Chapman.


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