50 Shades of Sex on Film: From Reel to Real

As I view the public’s love affair with the Fifty Shades of Grey novels, it’s becoming obvious that couples everywhere are hungry for more sexually explicit entertainment. E.L. James’ paperback trilogy chronicles the stormy sexual relationship between a young woman and a successful businessman. It’s become a marketing phenomenon, as likely to crop up on the shelves of your local Wal-Mart as it is the Hustler Store. Daring in its frankness, the series explores a broad range of sexual expression, covering everything from dominance and submission to discipline and light bondage. It’s obvious to me that the public is hungry for sexual information – and entertainment – like never before.


And that’s because erotic books, just like erotic films, can stimulate and inspire the sex lives of couples by introducing them to positive depictions of safe and exciting techniques and positions. And DVDs are uniquely able to stimulate desire and arousal through everything from the use of attractive performers and locations to subtle touches like seductive music, dirty talk and exotic lingerie and costumes.


Whether you’re exploring undiscovered territory with a new partner or looking to bring a new slant to a long-term relationship, just follow the tips below to get the most out of your experience of together.


The voyeuristic thrill of watching other couples making love should be just the beginning of your journey.  Let your experience be all-encompassing; in addition to sampling some of the positions you’re viewing together, let the soundtrack inspire you to become more vocal and communicative.


If you and your significant other are new to X-rated movies, you might want to sample our Wicked Passions DVD line. Each installment tells a warm, female-friendly story that emphasizes the importance of honesty and communication in finding happiness in the bedroom.


Making love is about stimulating all of the senses – seeing and hearing others having sex will excite the body physically, intellectually and emotionally. Introducing massage oils and other lubricants can allow you to heighten this experience even further and improve your partner’s comfort and sexual satisfaction. I highly recommend using the Wicked Sensual Care Collection of luxurious lubricants to enhance your intimate adventures.


Whether you choose to take it fast or slow, enrich your sex life and that of your lover by following these tips on your next movie night!